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Brand Epicenter

Brand Epicenter

Turn customers into raving fans who buy and love brands.

The Brand Epicenter is a turn-key web solution proven to engage customers in a new, unique way that drives sales growth through social sharing, word-of-mouth referrals, and ongoing customer loyalty.

Take Your Customer Engagement to the Next Level.

Brand Epicenter diagram


Brands, by nature, give their customer relationship to retailers. This results in sales, but they lose the ability to engage with their customers post sale.  The Brand Epicenter offering provides an instant platform and strategy that empowers brands to connect directly with their customers that supports their retailer network. Our innovative approach to customer engagement has resulted in CPG brands like Sony and Astroglide to experience incremental organic sales growth and customer loyalty.  Engaging interactive content will drive more sales of that product to the customers favorite retailers: it’s a big win-win for both sides.

A Brand Epicenter is a content rich, brand-centric website that empowers a brand to tailor messaging to specific audiences for product lines. The Brand Epicenter bridges the retailer/brand gap by empowering brands to interact with their customers post purchase, and keep them engaged and loyal with the brand. The result is organic sharing and sales growth, and ongoing customer loyalty.

  • Eliminate IT Dependency
    A powerful, agile platform implemented without IT labor

  • Responsive & Mobile-First
    Deploy native responsive layouts, with no extra effort

  • Complete Creative Flexibility
    Customize your design and content without restrictions

  • Leverage Social Media
    Showcase consumer generated posts specific to your product line easily with our Social Media Curator tool

  • Build Meaningful Relationships
    Use our pre-baked articles section to highlight customers and industry influencers in a unique way

  • Highlight Real Customers
    A crafted content area is included out of the box and designed to feature key customer stories

  • Take Control of Your Site
    Easy to use for content marketers and developers

  • Launch in 30 Days
    Seize the opportunity to re-engage consumers now

  • Seamless Integrations
    Integrate with popular store locators and review systems



Take your Brand Epicenter to the next level.
The Brand Epicenter is one facet of’s many web content marketing technologies. For companies that have more than one product line in their brand portfolio,’s web content marketing platform was built to allow brands to easily build and deploy multiple web properties that share common assets. Connect multiple web properties to share content, cross-promote brands, and easily streamline your digital marketing efforts.  

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