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Tuned for easy scale without worries.

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When marketing matters for mid-market to enterprise brands
Dedicated Account Manager
99.99% Uptime
Custom Domain
Users 20
Bandwidth 1 Terabyte
Storage 100GB
Requests 1 Million
With sub-second page load times and 99.99% uptime, give your brand the infrastructure it deserves. Customizable packages available. Enterprise account management support included to ensure success.

$250 / Month
Upper SMB with support
Email Support
99.95% Uptime
Custom Domain
Users 7
Bandwidth 35GB
Storage 10GB
Requests 250K
Leverage strong SEO marketing software to launch your business to the next level.

$50 / Month
Launch small business websites
Community Support
99.95% Uptime
Custom Domain
Users 3
Bandwidth 10GB
Storage 5GB
Requests 100K
Run your small business projects on the software big brands use, no headaches.

Project Plan free

An environment to test and build projects. Project sites are free, come with a unique zesty.sites domain, 500MB of bandwidth, and 10K requests per month. Projects can be upgraded to paid plans.

Additional Usage

Enterprise Usage

Enterprise accounts enjoy lower usage rates so you can scale without headaches. To keep accounting simple, we will work with you to build in overage padding in the contract.

Cost Breakdown for Additional Usage on Enterprise Plans
$0.15/GB Per Month
Additional GB Transfer
$1.00/GB Per Month
Additional GB Storage
Requests 1
$0.0002 Per Request
0 Additional Requests
$50.00 Per User
0 Additional Users
Additional Estimate

Pro and Freelance Usage

For Pro, Freelance, and Community plans, there are specific overages for going over the number of requests, bandwidth, or storage. Ovrages are auto billed at these plan levels.

Cost Breakdown for Additional Usage on Pro and Freelance Plans
$2.50/GB Per Month
Additional GB Transfer
$5.00/GB Per Month
Additional GB Storage
Requests 1
$0.00035 Per Request
0 Additional Requests
$25.00 Per User
0 Additional Users
Additional Estimate

Platform Add-ons

For website driven properties and content only properties, add-ons are available to enchance your content or marketing strategies.

Add-on Name Monthly Cost Pro / Freelance Enterprise
Social Curator

Create your own business social feed by hand selecting social media from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and 500px feeds.


Make your website URL https:// with a secure certificate

Localization (i18n)

Write content in different languages. All website routing, URLs, and 301 redirects are setup to match Google standards.

User System

User Registration system that can be used for subscription content and monthly payments. Integrates with Stripe for processing.


An interface that bind multiple single domain sites (Satellites) into groups that can share assets and media. It provide a birds eye view of all brand properties. Comes with two-factor authentication enforcement.

EcoMedia Bins

Add on to Ecosystems, that give shared folders of media between different website (domains or subdomains)


Enterprise Support & Services

If your team is looking to launch fast and wants an extra boost than these additoinal services will help you achieve your goals and deadlines.

Service Cost
Post Launch Support

For large application builds, this fee will cover urgent, last minutes changes. It also is 24/7 supports for critical bugs, integration issues, or site changes.

On-site Training

A engineer will fly and stay on location for 2 half day training sessions anywhere in the United States. Can conduct full training sessions to groups of people or conduct one-on-ones.

Training Videos

A professional record a screen share session working inside your envirnoment. Video are used to train existing and new employees on your specific configuration.



Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

What counts as a request?

Any page, image, or resource on your site delivered by counts as a request. External requests to 3rd party resources (images, scripts, etc) will not count against your included requests.

How much does additional storage cost?

Storage varies between enterprise and developer plans and there is a charge beyond what your plan comes with. See Additional Storage for more details.

Can I cancel at any time?

All Pro, Freelance, and Project plans are month to month, and can be canceled at anytime. Enterprise contracts are typically 12 months, but that can be changed in the discovery process.

User System on Pro vs. Enterprise Plans

The User System add-on can be used with business rules to wall off content. This add-on can be added to both Pro or Enterprise. The difference between the User System on enterprise is that monthly recurring billing can be added, along with walled off content. On Pro, there is not option for monthly recurring payments, just walled off content.

How much do additional requests cost?

For Enterprise plans additional requests are $0.0002 per request. For Pro, Freelance, and Project plans, additional requests are $0.00035 per request. We will round up to the nearest quarter dollar ($0.25).  You can use our calculator to estimate costs.

How much does additional bandwidth transfer cost?

Bandwidth varies between enterprise and developer plans. See Additional Bandwidth for more details.

What is a custom domain?

Any unique domain such as or  For example: and are custom domains and each require their own license. 

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