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Key Advantages

SaaS Platform Key Advantages

Secure Native SaaS Scalability, Availability, and Resiliency

Natively purpose-built to maximize the benefits of cloud computing, provides the predictable pricing, scalable infrastructure and IT department-free implementation required by today’s agile digital marketers. Built from the ground-up as SaaS, frees brand marketers to focus on deploying content.


Content First™ Platform’s unique Content First™ approach supports a fully independent presentation layer, allowing content creators to provision text and media assets at any point in the development lifecycle. Parallel development between front end developers, designers, and non-technical content managers unites teams and speeds site creation.

Mobile-First, Fully Responsive

Deploy effective mobile experiences natively with built-in responsive design frameworks.’s mobile API supports delivery of content to any mobile device, app or IoT component. Create content once, deploy anywhere, to any device.


Native IoT Ready

Put your organization in position to leverage today’s most dynamic business opportunity, the Internet of Things.’s advanced content models automatically provide universal machine-to-machine readable data (JSON/XML content feeds) with no plug-ins, modules or custom development required.

Advanced Development with Front End Talent

Front end developers move fast and flexibly with’s intuitive IDE and JavaScript, JQuery, HTML + CSS/LESS skills. No third-level programming languages or database management skills required to create any layout or design presentation as well as advanced functionality.


Creative and Development Flexibility

Execute any layout, any design, any functionality with any popular open source or proprietary framework. Deploy sites fast with’s robust IDE and templating capabilities. Templates are open source, infinitely configurable and sharable across all digital properties.

Parallel Development for Content and Dev Teams’s revolutionary content models allow marketing teams to populate the content repository before or even while content developers are designing interfaces and functionality. No more waiting for page structures and designs to be complete; content can drive development and deployment schedules.


In-tool Collaboration with Team Chat and Asset References

Immediately communicate by in-app chat with other team members working on the platform. Reference pages, content models, or configurations while quickly gaining feedback. No more requests to visit a page by name or pasted link; instead, reference shortlinks are automatically generated to the page or asset in question, in line.

Shared Media and Code Repositories

Centralize media assets for access by all platform users across all Satellites™ and EcoSystems™ as configured. Save time and effort during build and site management with shared code and site templates, and set user privileges as needed.


EcoSystems™ for Multi-site Management’s EcoSystem configuration connects multiple Satellite digital properties under a centralized dashboard. Advanced management of shared media, user permissions, global linking and analytics is available in one easily managed location.

Marketing Integrations

Create cohesive relationships between your content and best-of-breed third-party services including CRM, marketing automation, analytics, commerce, content feeds, social media and more. Create custom integrations between sites and legacy platforms through Zesty’s content API.



Communicate globally with localized websites specific to countries, regions, and languages while maintaining consistent brand imaging and experiences. Easily implement strategies for localization (different content for different locales) and internationalization (multiple languages for the same content) using our internationalization feature.

Advanced WorkFlows and Versioning

Clearly defined permissions and user roles allow teams to move quickly while reducing human content management errors. Workflows support notifications and alerts for content requests, draft approvals and go-live tasks, with roll-back to prior page versions as needed.


In-tool Analytics and SEO Assistant’s analytics dashboards provide deep insight on page views and conversions from highly accurate server-side data. Save time with Zesty’s automatic SEO Assistant to populate meta data quickly, increase search engine relevance with best practices and improve rankings - all without leaving the platform.

Fastest Learning Curve for Implementation Teams

Intuitive interfaces empower front end developers to author exceptional experiences for non-technical users. Customized templates, built on popular open source frameworks, can be shared across all sites. Team members can work in parallel, provisioning content into the repository even before pages are designed or finalized.


Security with High Performance

Benefit from enterprise-level security controls for all aspects of the platform from the physical environment in which the platform is hosted, accessed and monitored, to the logical system-based controls employed to manage platform access. Two-factor authentication and robust permissions provide user-level protection. DDoS mitigation is delivered through CloudFlare’s content delivery network & Black Lotus; media is served by Akamai and SSL encryption levels are supported up to 2048. 99.99% uptime is guaranteed.

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