Video Embedding or Streaming Capabilities

Zesty.io can display video through 3rd party video services or self hosted videos uploaded to the media service.

Embedding Video from Youtube, Instagram and Vimeo

Standard embed codes provided by social media sites may be copy and pasted into a WYSIWYG Editor or directly into the content model HTML view file.

In youtube, click share, then click the embed option to get this view.

Video Embed

Web Developers can take advantage of parsley by adding a field to a content model called "youtube_id" (for example), and can make dynamic template views by using code like this:

Streaming Video

For running your own stream, we suggest using a third party like Mux.com. A Mux stream can be put into any Zesty.io view, and a content model field and parsley can be used to give the Content Editor control of the stream id. In this example, we use the field name playback_id for the Mux stream ID

Video Conferencing

You can run your own video conferencing setup on Zesty.io using Vidyo (https://www.vidyo.com/), create an account. The setup requires view editing with javascript and an external server server call to issue a connection token.

View Code Example

GCP Cloud Function that issues a Token

WebRTC Options

Here is a list of 3rd party service options for peer to peer streaming through a website or mobile app.

  1. Zoom - $100 for 4000 minutes ($0.025/minute)
    1. Pros - Large-scale, reliable company with solid, proven tech, robust API
    2. Cons - Expensive, lots of features, could potentially restrict content
  2. Vidyo - $3000 for 250,000 minutes ($0.012/minute)
    1. Pros - Simple html code to get started
    2. Cons - Company is focused on medical, large-scale accounts, weak support
  3. EasyRTC - Free if you host your own
    1. Pros - Do it yourself, more control, free
    2. Cons - Bare bones, no support
  4. Twilio Video - $0.0015/minute for peer-to-peer, $0.01/minutes for room features
    1. Pros - Great price for peer-to-peer only meaning you don’t get server-based room features
    2. Cons - Only 10 people per room max, no group room features like recording, messaging, etc
  5. AppRTC - Free, DIY
    1. Pros - The ultimate bare bones, google sample app for WebRTC
    2. Cons - Online demo had maybe 1- 1.5s delay, probably harder to implement
  6. Agora.io - $2.50 per/1,000 minutes ($0.0025/minute) for 720p
    1. Pros - No limit on rooms, inexpensive, lots of features such as broadcasting, solid codebase
    2. Cons - Website not as enticing as Twilio but not bad either

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