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Optimizing load times with On-the-Fly Media Modification

On-the-fly media modification in Zesty.io allows you to dynamically alter and adjust media files like images directly within the CMS. This can be helpful for optimizing media assets for different devices, resolutions, or design requirements without the need for external image editing tools.

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Before you begin, ensure you have the following:

  1. Access to a Zesty.io account.

  2. Media assets uploaded to your Zesty.io instance.

Steps to Use On-the-Fly Media Modification

  1. Log into Zesty.io: Go to the Zesty.io platform and log in to your account.

  2. Access the Media App: Navigate to the Media section, where you can manage and access your media assets.

  3. Select the Media File: Locate the media file you want to modify and select it by clicking on it.

  4. Edit Media: In Zesty.io, there may be built-in tools or options for media modification. Look for features like resizing, cropping, or applying filters. This could be located within the media details or edit page for the selected asset.

  5. Apply Modifications: Use the provided tools to make modifications to the media file. Common modifications may include resizing, cropping, rotating, and applying filters or effects.

  6. Preview and Copy URL: Zesty.io may provide a real-time preview of the modified media. Ensure the changes match your requirements. If satisfied, copy the generated URL of the modified asset which will include the required parameters to make the modification.

  7. Update Your Content: If you are using the modified media in content across your website, make sure to update the references to the modified file in your web pages or templates.

  8. Publish: After making all necessary changes, publish your content to ensure that the modified media is displayed on your live website.

  9. Cache Considerations: Zesty.io may handle caching for modified media assets. Be aware of any caching mechanisms in place to ensure that end-users receive the updated media.

Security and Access Control

Make sure that you have proper access controls in place to prevent unauthorized users from making changes to your media assets.


On-the-fly media modification in Zesty.io is a convenient way to manage and optimize your media assets within the CMS. By following the steps above and exploring the platform's built-in features, you can efficiently customize your media files to meet the needs of your website and digital marketing strategies. For specific instructions and features, always refer to the official Zesty.io documentation and support resources.

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