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Marketing Internship

In the "real world" of marketing, managers are in charge of content which is everywhere. They usually manage the website (sometimes multiple), are managing campaigns, content creation, content in applications (iOS, Android, webapps), and evaluating new channels (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Smart TVs)... the list goes on.

Content is everywhere. is the marketing team's central platform to manage all of that content and where it's distributed. 

So, our internship is very meta: you're managing marketing for an enterprise marketing management platform. Suh-weet.


Your Role

As part of the team, your hands-on participation in the development of new marketing and sales programs will be a one-of-a-kind experience. At, we want you to dive in, participate, and learn.  

Your role will be working with the marketing team directly.  We're looking for candidates who like speaking with people, have a thirst for knowledge, willing to take on a challenge, and are driven by the word "no." If this sounds fun, this will be a rewarding and amazing internship. 

There's no such thing as a "day-to-day" here, because every day is different. But you will get to dive in head first on some important initiatives such as:

  • Our branding and messaging
  • SEO, Adwords, and keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Campaign management (webinars, analytics, etc.)

We're excited to have you and provide the valuable experience that's so different from learning about marketing in a University setting. We're ready when  you are. Come work with us at Zesty!  

San Diego, CA

Part Time

Paid Internship

Growth opportunities available.

Perks and Benefits

Work alongside passionate and talented co-workers
Great office, complete with foosball and free caffeine: coffee, soda, energy drinks

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