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Back End Software Engineer

At we are focused on solving content management experiences for the non-tech users in the digital marketing space. Whereas most content management systems have been built by and for developers we focus on delivering experiences designed with business users in mind. All the while still providing the necessary APIs and support developers need to be successful within our platform.

In this role you would be fundamental in shaping our core services and architecture for future growth. You will design, build and maintain APIs to be used by internal teams and external customers. You should have a passion for working with large web scale products, delivering highly available services and digging into complex distributed computing problems. Currently we service over 2 million requests a day and growing.

You should have an interest in modern languages, patterns and concurrent programming. We are currently moving towards a Golang and Node.js focused technology stack. Using Go to build out our core logic and business services. Node.js for quick prototyping and building APIs to support features our customers need.

We are a team passionate about web technologies and delivering products which delight our customers. We are crafting a development culture of CI/CD, no-ops, testing and service instrumentation. As a young company we are still in the early stages of building these processes. You should be excited about being at the forefront of contributing to our engineering culture.


  • Solid understanding of HTTP/S and DNS
  • Proficient with Golang (or a desire to learn)
  • Proficient with MySQL: Relational database experience
  • Proficient with caching (e.g. Redis/memcache/varnish)
  • Experience with JavaScript/Node.js
  • Experience with monitoring and profiling services (e.g. statsd/pprof)
  • Experience with load balancing (e.g. Nginx)
  • Experience with queuing systems (e.g. rabbitmq)

Bonus Points

  • GCP/GAE experience
  • Kubernetes/Docker experience
  • Cloud functions experience
  • GraphQL experience

Onsite: San Diego, CA

Full Time


  • Market Rate Salary
  • Health Insurance

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