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Never miss another digital marketing opportunity. Deploy any content, with any design.

The native SaaS content management solution for digital brand marketers.’s core CMS provides maximum design, development and content deployment flexibility while streamlining all digital development tasks. Natively based in the cloud, the platform removes not only the time and effort required to configure servers and software for new content deployment, but also removes software updates and maintenance from your team’s schedules.

Content authoring experiences are created based on business needs and creative vision, and not limited to static templates or predetermined interfaces. New digital initiatives can be launched without IT involvement, and site development moves quickly with intuitive interfaces for both content managers and front end developers.

Never miss another digital marketing opportunity. Experience our Freedom of Content concept and meet more deadlines, with fewer resources, for maximum ROI.

Platform Highlights

Responsive, Flexible Layout Frameworks

Preserve display integrity on any device using our mobile API. Layouts and media assets automatically scale as needed or choose to show or hide elements based on screen size.

Visual Page Management and Site Mapping

Create site structures and page relationships through drag and drop site mapping. Visually add pages and establish hierarchy and template associations.

Drag and Drop Content Builder

Drag new pages into site structures and immediately start provisioning content. Organize and structure content based on custom content models to create intuitive authoring experiences for non-technical users. Maintain consistency and compliance through fully customizable, open source templates.

Rapid Templating and Shared Templates

Create custom, open source templates based on layouts, designs and business requirements for your enterprise. Save developer time with a full-featured templating language and develop using any popular open source or proprietary layout framework.

Custom JavaScript, CSS and Markup

Create any layout, effect and functionality with HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS/LESS. Code faster and cleaner with auto complete assistance and placement awareness indicators.

Shared Digital Asset Management

Easily add and manage images, documents, audio and video in the media repository and use permissions to share assets. Connect to leading cloud storage providers including Dropbox, Amazon S3, SharePoint and Box to access media collections alongside system assets.

Web-based Content Authoring

Manage sites and provision content from any browser. Schedule and backdate posts based on local time zones, share to social and administer sites on mobile devices.

User Roles, Permissions and Approval Workflows

Create distinct user roles across sites, site sections, and assets. Alert contributors for content requests, approvals and go-live publishing. Attribute content to authors that do not have direct system access.


Create digital experiences on a platform integrated with services and tools you already use. Connect and share data with, Marketo, NetSuite, ExactTarget, BazaarVoice and more. Gather form input directly into integrated services.

Automatic SEO Optimization

Save time with automatic population of search meta fields and edit as required. Create and manage custom SEO-friendly URLs, 301 redirection, broken links and XML sitemaps. Modify robots.txt as needed.

Google Analytics Integration

View site analytics and conversions without leaving the platform interface. One-click integration provides dashboard views of visits, pageviews, traffic sources, trending content and more.

In-tool Collaboration

Collaborate with team members or submit a support ticket through’s built-in team chat feature. Reference system elements with automatic linking to pages, content, and assets in question without the need to copy and paste links.

Internationalization and Localization

Provision, manage and deploy content for global, regional and language-specific audiences. Easily manage content versions with associated locales, character sets, and fallbacks.

Content API

The content API separates all Satellite™ and EcoSystem™ content from the presentation layer for maximum flexibility. Deliver content to any device regardless of browser or screen size. Use any development language on any platform to create any desired content interface. Create custom authoring and display views without the limitations of predefined templates. IDE

The web-based IDE empowers front end developers in designing customized digital experiences for enterprise content management and brand websites. It provides a rapid, access-anywhere development environment for extending and leveraging all aspects of the content management platform.

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Social Timeline Curator

Use the power, reach and volume of social content to reinforce brand messaging and harness dynamic, customer-driven storytelling.

Capture more conversations Analytics

Gain greater insight into your true traffic regardless of browser or device delivery with server side analytics.

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Leads & Forms

Create web forms using an intuitive interface with no programming, capturing form data directly into CRM and marketing automation systems.

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Simple Commerce

Create full-featured online stores, quickly and seamlessly in any Satellite property, within any EcoSystem.

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