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Gain greater accuracy over all digital properties with Analytics

Based on server-side data instead of browser-based data, Analytics captures all site interactions and delivers greater insight

Data Fidelity and Portability with Analytics

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Google Analytics is one of several powerful tools for measuring web page effectiveness. Yet any tool dependent on data collected from the user's browser can suffer from inaccuracies that are passed on to marketers, resulting in incorrect conclusions that lead to missed marketing opportunities.

Browser-based Data Is Not Always Accurate

Browser-based data collection platforms like Google’s depend on JavaScript enablement. When users explicitly opt out of tracking, or do not have JavaScript active in their browser, data is not collected.

JavaScript data can be ‘dropped’ based on packet loss during connections between the browser and your sites; and user activity involving content delivered to mobile apps via a mobile API is not recorded at all.

Gain Greater Accuracy with’s Server Side Analytics

Based on server side data instead of browser-based data, Analytics delivers greater insight into your true traffic regardless of browser or device delivery.

All requests to the CMS are logged, not just those that are interpreted from the user’s browser to content designed for page views.

  • Gain greater accuracy from data that logs ALL server requests and API calls and avoid dropped JavaScript browser data
  • View reports based on data from ALL content delivery points, even mobile and IoT devices that do not produce web browser page views
  • Identify all data requests including those by robots, crawlers and spiders; eliminate them from your reporting for better data integrity.

Gain Efficiency With Views of All Your Digital Properties Analytics provides executive oversight for multiple views and is ideal for both multi-Satellite and EcoSystem configurations.

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