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Multi-site Ecosystem

Multisite Management for
Organizations and Brands

Manage any number of websites

Organize content and user permissions across multiple domains with a Multisite EcoSystem.

Multisite Management for<br> Organizations and Brands diagram

Multisite Implementation is Easy with

Multisite management strategies often mean significant digital management overhead. Deploy multiple Satellites with targeted business requirements and centralized management in a EcoSystem.

Simplify management of all digital properties, shared assets and user permissions with a visual dashboard that’s accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. View all site analytics easily and add Satellites as needed.

  • Connected Digital Properties
  • Multiple Domain Configurations
  • Multi-site Internationalization
  • Multi-site Localization Franchise
  • Distributor Networks
  • Microsite Networks
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Sony Customer Highlight

By using as our CMS, we were able to soft launch in 6 weeks and fully launch within 2 months. We are now working with to deploy this strategy in other key regions throughout the world.

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Sony Customer Highlight thumbnail
Download Sony Customer Highlight

EcoSystem Features

Advanced Permissions and Access Management

Advanced Permissions and Access Management

Centralized Multisite Management

Centralized Multisite Management

Shared Media and Templates Add-on

Shared Media and Templates Add-on

Multi-Satellite Central Analytics Data

Multi-Satellite Central Analytics Data

Each Website in an Multi-Site EcoSystem benefits from the robust feature set of our core CMS

Responsive & Mobile-First

Omnichannel, IoT Ready

Digital Asset Management

Multilingual Content

In-tool Analytics


Complete Design Flexibility

SEO Assistant

Schedule and Share to Social



Multisite Management for<br> Organizations and Brands example diagram

Configure to Meet Business Requirements

Create separate Multi-Site EcoSystem configurations of individual Websites based on brand, product, or departmental business requirements. Ideal for large consumer brands, franchisee and distributor networks, educational institutions and more.

Multisite Management for<br> Organizations and Brands diagram

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Extend CMS with Marketing Power Tools

Social Timeline Curator

Use the power, reach and volume of social content to reinforce brand messaging and harness dynamic, customer-driven storytelling.

Capture more conversations Analytics

Gain greater insight into your true traffic regardless of browser or device delivery with server side analytics.

Gain greater accuracy

Leads & Forms

Create web forms using an intuitive interface with no programming, capturing form data directly into CRM and marketing automation systems.

Integrate seamlessly

Simple Commerce

Create full-featured online stores, quickly and seamlessly in any Satellite property, within any EcoSystem.

Sell with ease

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