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Using Experts to Create Content for You

We're finding who's appropriate, enticing them to contribute, and learning how to use their expertise to grow your brand.

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Aaron Norris, VP of The Norris Group interviewee photo

I'm looking to produce quality content that nobody else could produce.
~ Aaron Norris, VP of The Norris Group

Here we interview Aaron Norris, VP of The Norris Group, to tell us the story of "I Survived Real Estate," a podcast turned content turned 10-year, award winning black tie gala that has raised over $785,000 for charity, and how this marketing has impacted his business.

In creating the "I Survived Real Estate" podcast, Aaron leveraged his massive network of experts and professionals who were not necessarily in the same job description as he was, or had companies that were similar to his, but were tangential yet in the same industry. In gathering these professionals for interviews, Aaron was able to amass information, opinions, insights on trends, and more that catapulted his radio show to a success. 

From there, "the juiciest things were always said after the mic had turned off," and Aaron got to thinking about creating conversations between experts and learning from that as well. So he did what he does best, and got creative: he 

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Chloe Spilotro, Account Executive,

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