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Brand Epicenter Pricing

A Brand Epicenter is a mobile responsive website content hub set up by the team to match your brand and kickstart your influencer marketing campaigns. Brand Epicenters come with setup, training, and customization to match your customer. Suggested B2B or B2C strategies are included.

Platform Estimate $5000 $2000 / Month
Limited Debut Price of $2000 available until through March 31, 2017.

Platform Cost Calculator

Transparent SaaS pricing is key to helping organizations budget and grow efficiently.  Use our pricing calculator to identify monthly expenditure and volume discounts for Satellites, EcoSystems and add-ons.


Designed for single domain implementation, our Satellite configuration provides features for managing infinite pages, media assets and templating for websites, mobile apps, landing pages and more.

Social Curator
Simple Commerce


Manage multiple Satellite properties across multiple domains. Gain powerful oversight via the EcoSystem configuration, with centralized Satellite management, cross-Satellite shared assets and more.

Shared Media Buckets
Shared Code Snippets
Shared EcoAnalytics™

Estimated Requests

Websites generate 4 requests per page view, on average. Media (image, video, or file loading) does not count toward requests.

Platform Estimate $1250 / Month
Satellites 1 x $1250
EcoSystems 0 x $1000
Requests 1,000,000 x $.0001
Volume Discount 0
Total $1250

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