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Content Anywhere

Content Anytime, Anywhere

You may not know how your company will use it, but when you do, you’ll be ready.

Manage your content in one platform and send it anywhere.

Seize Market Opportunities Today by Sending Content to Any Screen.
Here's how it works:

Content Anywhere diagram

The future of technology is the most exciting opportunity for marketers to seize.

So, Carpe Diem.


  • Virtual Reality
    "Wow" people like nothing else. Manage content and syndicate it to your VR apps.

  • Any Browser, Anywhere
    Deploy native responsive layouts with no extra effort.

  • Online Digital Experiences
    Get creative! No creative restrictions means your website goes from a static page to a marketing machine.

  • Leverage Social Media
    Showcase consumer generated content easily with our Social Media Curator tool

  • Interactive Digital Signage
    Make your out-of-the-ordinary marketing dreams come to life: send content to physical spaces.

  • Mobile Apps
    Manage content in and send it to your mobile apps (Android, iOS, etc). Easy peasy.

  • Vehicle Interfaces
    While we always preach safe driving, we allow you to send content to the commute.

  • Smart Homes
    Engage with customers in the comfort of their home. Send content to connected refrigerators, televisions, wherever your heart desires.

  • Coming Soon?
    New products coming soon? With, your imagination is your only limitation. (It sounds cheesy, but it's true.)



The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, hallmarked by consumer devices like wearables and smart home components, is still in its infancy. Embedded computing devices, based on microcontrollers and with very small memory footprints, are found in our cars, our homes, in our medical devices and soon in virtually every aspect of daily life.

Content provisioned on the platform today can be automatically delivered to the devices of the future thanks to the Create Once, Deploy Anywhere concept at the heart of our technology.

$3 Trillion in Global Spending for IoT Devices, Services by 2020*

The smart-home industry alone generated $79.4 billion in revenue in 2014. To be prepared to capitalize on the growth potential of IoT, organizations can make smart purchasing decisions about infrastructure and services that will prepare them to leap at opportunities as they emerge.

The opportunities for big business are overwhelming, but the platforms, protocols and standards for successful introductions are still emerging. Delivers Streamlined Data Required by Embedded Computing Devices

Unlike consumers who use the Internet primarily through the World Wide Web, IoT devices exchange information directly with each other via the Internet and do not yet have the machine equivalent of Web browsers and standardized interfaces.

To deliver content data appropriately to IoT devices, a CMS must provide machine-to-machine readable data in low-overhead streams.’s automatically generated JSON feeds are optimized with a much smaller data overhead for the constrained devices and networks of the Internet of Things.

Will your organization be responsible for deploying content to a smart refrigerator that displays recipes corresponding to the food items inside? Will a smart treadmill user receive your company’s promotional messages as they exercise to a personalized workout program? Both scenarios are possible today with’s native SaaS CMS.


* Source: Gartner, November 2015

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