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Platform Technology

Create content once, deliver it anywhere, to any device, with or without a browser.

Zesty's native SaaS platform provides the technology that mid-market and enterprise brands need to quickly create, deploy, maintain, and optimize complex websites while dramatically reducing IT dependency and infrastructure costs.

Deliver Content to Any Device or IoT Component

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Deliver content to any device or IoT component, or create unique sites and data collections using multiple Satellite configurations for individual brands, global sites, specifically targeted data and more.

Our advanced content API automatically generates machine-to-machine readable feeds without plug-ins, modules, or add-ons.

Link Satellites in an EcoSystem configuration for centralized management, analytics dashboards and cross-Satellite shared templates, media and code.

100% Cloud, 100% Native SaaS

Reduce the cost of procuring and maintaining an enterprise-capable CMS while gaining the agility, scalability and security expected by today’s brand marketing organizations.

Developed natively in the cloud, the platform encompasses the hardware, software, security and scalability responsibilities that have previously burdened corporate IT.

Save IT time, talent and resource costs with leading cloud infrastructure providers and's native cloud capabilities.

Web-based IDE Enables Rapid Development and Flexible Customization

UntitledFront end developers can create fully customized digital experiences using HTML, CSS/LESS, JavaScript & JQuery complemented by our Parsley templating language in a sleak, web-based IDE. No third-level programming language or database management skills required.

A developer-agnostic development environment means individual development configurations are no longer necessary. Native SaaS empowers teams to work efficiently from any location with a WiFi connection and from any device with a browser – even mobile devices.

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