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Content & Mobile First

Content & Mobile First

Prepare for whatever the future holds with Content-First™

Drive better digital experiences by putting responsive content delivery first.

The layout-first approach no longer satisfies business mandates for content agility.

Page layouts, graphic UX design and brand positioning often drive the approach to deploying digital experiences on a CMS platform. However many web page layout processes bind content to formatting code, making deployment of a single instance of content to multiple devices difficult or even impossible.

Don't get caught with non-portable, non-responsive content.

UntitledContent management systems positioned on the strength of their drag and drop page layout creators have led the charge in creating rapid content deployment strategies. Although streamlining the page design process with drag-and-drop development tools may deliver some degree of cost and time savings, content can remain "siloed" within the resulting layouts.

For marketing departments that are dealing in larger volumes of content  - multiple websites, microsites, landing pages, mobile apps, etc. - content must be provisioned multiple times, to multiple page layouts, in order to reach multiple audiences on a variety of devices.

Prepare for the growth, challenges and opportunities of delivering digital experiences to omni-channel consumers with's Content-First principle. allows for pure content management practices to be employed. Keeping content separate from the presentation layer allows any type of display and delivery layer can be applied to a single instance of content, promoting content portability.

Natively responsive frameworks allow content presentations that respond to any device, at any screen size.

Create and provision content once in the native SaaS content management platform, deploy it anywhere with Freedom of Content.


So where can you send content? Anywhere, really.


  • Virtual Reality
    "Wow" people like nothing else. Manage content and syndicate it to your VR apps.

  • Any Browser, Anywhere
    Deploy native responsive layouts with no extra effort.

  • Online Digital Experiences
    Get creative! No creative restrictions means your website goes from a static page to a marketing machine.

  • Leverage Social Media
    Showcase consumer generated content easily with our Social Media Curator tool

  • Interactive Digital Signage
    Make your out-of-the-ordinary marketing dreams come to life: send content to physical spaces.

  • Mobile Apps
    Manage content in and send it to your mobile apps (Android, iOS, etc). Easy peasy.

  • Vehicle Interfaces
    While we always preach safe driving, we allow you to send content to the commute.

  • Smart Homes
    Engage with customers in the comfort of their home. Send content to connected refrigerators, televisions, wherever your heart desires.

  • Coming Soon?
    New products coming soon? With, your imagination is your only limitation. (It sounds cheesy, but it's true.)

Sony Customer Highlight thumbnail

Sony Customer Highlight

By using as our CMS, we were able to soft launch in 6 weeks and fully launch within 2 months. We are now working with to deploy this strategy in other key regions throughout the world.

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Sony Customer Highlight thumbnail
Download Sony Customer Highlight

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