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Performance and Scalability

Performance and Scalability

A SaaS CMS built for growth
with transparent scalability.

Automatically scale to add websites, digital assets, and manage traffic fluctuations with unlimited platform users.

Performance and Scalability diagram


Built natively upon Google and Fastly’s cloud infrastructure, is designed from the ground up to deliver fast, reliable, secure, and cost-effective digital experiences to any user, on any device, anywhere in the world.

There’s no limit to growth opportunities with the platform.

Auto Scale for Audience Size and Business Requirements

  • Scale with Satellites
    Organize and target content based on business requirements by adding Satellites – distinct to domain, content, audience or other indicators – as needed.
  • Scale for Traffic
    Native SaaS provides the resources required, on demand, for traffic increases. Never miss a marketing opportunity when traffic escalates and pay only for what you use as traffic levels out.
  • Scale for Users
    Add users as needed. Our transparent pricing ensures no seat limits or per-user licensing constraints. Enable collaboration with agencies and vendors as needed without pricing increases.

Bring new sites online quickly through infrastructure automation.

High Availability, Performance & Scalability

Native SaaS software is designed for high availability with virtualization supporting new machine instances as load dictates. True multi-tenancy, automatic scalability and load-balancing allow native SaaS to immediately adjust to market and user demand. IT professionals can turn their focus to the performance of other business-critical applications instead of managing a CMS.

SaaS Cloud Hosting Environment

  • Load Balancing
    Dynamic load balancing distributes requests across multiple application servers.
  • Delivery Networks
    Akamai content delivery network for image and file serving is automatically setup.
  • Auto Scaling scales on demand while you focus on other business needs. Automated Optimization

  • Fast Page Load Times
    Combined JavaScript & CSS consolidates individual files into a single file to reduce multiple requests to the hosting environment.
  • Content Delivery Network leverages AWS & Akamai's content delivery networks to serve media globally, insuring fast page-load times regardless of user location.
  • File Compression
    G-zip compression and automated minification makes text files (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) more compact, saving bandwidth and improving load page times. 

Platform Developer Options

  • Instant Environments
    Each Satellite instance has its own IDE that suggests and completes code based on content.
  • Quick Templating
    Designed for cleaner code; one line of Parsley templating language code can take the place of hundreds of lines of standard code.
  • Image Optimization
    Developer-controlled code functions can auto-optimize any image a content editor uploads.


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