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About Zesty.io in 2024

Meet the team of creators, innovators, developers, and dreamers that brought Zesty.io to life and propel it forward every day.


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On a mission to streamline and improve digital experience creation

As digital developers, designers, and content managers, we once wished for a platform like Zesty.io. 

A platform that struck the right balance between agility, security, stability, and ease without sacrificing growth. One that helped marketing and IT collaborate for success instead of depending on each other for tedious tasks.

When we couldn’t find one, we built our own.

Zesty.io changed the way we see CMS and we’re on a mission to empower your teams to spend less time developing and more time creating. Join us in our journey to push CMS forward. We’d love to have you.

Plus, our team has an impressive resume. We have alumni from brands such as:


The Zesty.io leadership team

Meet the people keeping digital experiences zesty

Randy Apuzzo


Jon Tabacjar


Todd Sabo

Head of Sales

Stuart Runyan

VP Engineering

Gisele Blair

Director of Customer Success

Chloe Spilotro

Enterprise Account Executive

TJ Rabena

Project Manager

Zoshua Colah

Senior Product Designer

Andres Galindo

Senior Frontend Developer

Darwin Apolinario

Application Developer

Giancarlo Espinosa

React Developer

Jomar Montuya

Web Developer

Allen Pigar


Markel Madrigal


VC-backed growth

Our board members and investors

Andy Ballester

Board Member

Mike Stankus

Board Member, Chief Revenue Officer, Paperless Parts

Mitch Patridge

Board Member, Founder and Managing Partner of ClearVision Equity Partners

Dave Hagewood

Board Member, Founder of Psyonix