Headless CMS Pricing

Enjoy every feature of the platform, no matter the size of your implementation.

Standard Tiers

Pricing is based largely on features, number of instances, support, data, and users.

Unlimited Users
Community Support
1GB Bandwidth + 1GB Storage
Best for Building Proof of Concepts
Start Up
Unlimited Content
Unlimited Users
1 Supported User
1 Instance
25,000 Records
10,000 API Calls/Month
1,000,000 Requests/Month
Community Support
20GB Storage + 100GB Bandwidth/Month
Unlimited Content Models
Unlimited Content
Unlimited Users
3 Supported Users
1 Instance
50,000 Records
25,000 API Calls/Month
5,000,000 Requests/Month
Email + Community Support
50GB Storage + 500GB Bandwidth/Month
99.9% SLA
Unlimited Content Models

Business Tiers

For mission critical projects, gain direct access to the Zesty.io team

Business Gold
Unlimited Content
Unlimited Users
10 Supported Users
1 Instance
200,000 Records
50,000 API Calls/Month
10,000,000 Requests/Month
Email, Phone, and Slack Support Channels + Assigned Account Manager
200GB Storage + 1TB Bandwidth/Month
99.95% SLA
Unlimited Content Models
Business Platinum
Unlimited Content
Unlimited Users
Custom Number of Supported Users
3 Instances
500,000 Records
100,000 API Calls/Month
50,000,000 Requests/Month
Email, Phone, Slack, Assigned Account Manager, Response SLAs
500 GB Storage + 3TB Bandwidth/month
99.99% SLA
Unlimited Content Models

A plan custom-tailored for your organization to make large implementations smooth. Work directly with a dedicated team to see your ambitions come to life. Launch your digital strategy and enjoy custom licensing, data plans, and more.

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