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Zesty.io Brand Guide

A page dedicated to history and usage of the Zesty.io brand. 

Zesty.io Brand Mark
Vertical Logo

Vertical logo, the go-to variation for standard design applications.

Zesty.io Brand Mark
Brand Mark

Individual brand mark used in minimal environments.

Zesty.io Brand Mark
Horizontal Logo

Horizontal logo used in environments that do not allow the vertical logo to work.

Zesty.io Brand Mark
Brand Name

Brand name without the brand mark is used in envirnoments without spacing to acommodate the brand mark.

The Zesty.io Brand

A feeling of enjoyment and enthusiasm, Zesty!

The Zesty.io brand represents energy and excitement which it aims to instill into the concepts of content management.

The brand mark is contructed from programming angle brackets (e.g. <html>) with expressive and fun angles. The design aims to conjoin the two sides of digital marketing: rigid web development and expressive content marketing.

The dot eye ohh (.io) is to respresent input and output, as Zesty.io is an application programming interface as a service which requires user input to achieve a desired output.

Zesty.io Social Icon
Social Media / App Icon

When using the Zesty brandmark as a social media or application icon, download this version with a white outline and white backdrop.

Color System

Zesty Orange#FF5D0A
O.G. Orange#F7951D
Zesty Blue#497EDF
Bkgd Blue#D6E8F5
Zesty Red#FF2A08
Zesty Green#75BF43
Zesty Pink#EA398C
Light Grey#A7AFBF
Zesty Grey#5B667D
White Blue#EFF5FF
Light Blue#C3CDDF
Nav Blue#3C465E
Zesty Dark Blue#1B202C

Alternate Logo Options
Horizontal Light Color
Horizontal Light Color
Vertical Light Color
Vertical Light Color
BrandMark Light Color
BrandMark Light Color
Horizontal Light
Horizontal Light
BrandMark Light
BrandMark Light
Horizontal Dark
Horizontal Dark



Mulish is used as the typeface for Zesty.io marketing materials and application user interfaces. Mulish is easy to access and free to use from Google Fonts. Mulish is designed by Vernon Adams, Cyreal, Jacques Le Bailly.

Download from Google Fonts

To use on the web, copy this line into your <head>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Mulish" />

Followed by this <style> also in the head.

<style> body { font-family: 'Mulish', Arial, sans-serif; }</style>


Move Your Message


Move Your Message


Move Your Message


Move Your Message


Move Your Message


Move Your Message


Full of energy and enthusiasm. Having a strong, pleasant, and somewhat spicy flavor. Lively and pleasing : full of zest.

Brandmark History

The Brand Evolved with the Product


Modified to represent a new wave of expressive no-code features and data utility while paying homeage to the original.


Fins added to the original Z to represent the full move to the 100% open API and headless nature of the product.


A flatten version of the original logo to repsensent simplcity and pronouce the brackets.


A Z made from <HTML> code angle brackets that uses mulitple hues of orange to represent depth beyond HTML.