Zesty.io, a Developer’s Secret Weapon

Billion-dollar companies have an in-house development team of just one person. The secret? Zesty.io.

CTOs & IT Managers building content

CTOs & IT Managers

Your Infrastructure? Already Handled.

Security for content is covered. 99.995% uptime guarantee.

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Web Developers building content

Web Developers

Build Smarter, Faster

Build experiences with your content team directly in the cloud.

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Application Developers building content

Headless Capabilities

APIs for Everything

Power content to iOS, Android, or any IoT device with headless content.

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CTOs & IT Managers

Your Infrastructure? Already Handled.

Zesty.io WebEngine has you covered with Automated Cloud Infrastructure and managed Web Application Firewall (WAF). You will start to sleep better at night before big marketing initiatives.

We partner with Google Cloud and primarily run on auto-scalable App Engine and Cloud functions. For Global Caching, we partner with Fastly.

Content is cached on Fastly's high-density point of presence (POP) servers with 24 TB of SSDs, 768 GB of RAM, and 4 x 25 Gigabit Ethernet. Delivery is sub-millisecond Time to First Byte (TTFB) on the 99th%.

Point of Presence servers are located all over the world

PaaS Cost Savings

With Zesty.io WebEngine acting as your PaaS, you can minimize your IT expenditures and reallocate your resources toward initiatives that drive your business forward. Our SaaS platform also empowers your teams to work faster and more efficiently without the classic IT bottleneck.

"Since choosing Zesty.io as our CMS, IT now has less responsibility for the marketing site and can focus on our database and customer analytics - that propels our whole organization forward."

— Helen Way, Senior Marketing Manager at BioFilm, Inc.

Headless CMS Freedom

From voice-enabled experiences to digital signage, Zesty.io is a front-end agnostic API CMS. Developers can select their front-end frameworks and languages of choice, knowing that Zesty.io can deliver content anywhere via JSON, Restful, or GraphQL API driven infrastructure.

OWASP Certified

Enterprise security out-of-the-box, no configurations required. We regularly excel pen-tests and deflect tens of millions of malicious requests per month. And, because we're SaaS, there are no security patches for you to manage.

Accountability Tracking

User Actions are tracked in an immutable log of all creations, changes, and deletions of all content and content types are tracked by Zesty.io's Audit Trail.

Web Developers

Websites Made Easy

Building amazing experiences is your job, our job is to automate publishing, staging, SEO, Metatags, Opengraph Tags, sitemaps, RSS feeds, CSS/JS minification, and CDN caching.

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Content Aware Templating

Zesty.io's Parsley Template language types ahead to help you find the right content fields on the fly.

Code Authoring

Code Remote or Local

Zesty.io rolls with a Web IDE for quick editing. You may also work locally through the Atom.io Editor and maintain code through Git.

Working with a content editor

Easy to work with Content Teams

After you build your content architecture, content becomes very easily editable by content creators.

Code Authoring

Content Schema

Quickly build out Zesty.io Content Models that instantly ship headless JSON APIs while being very intuitive to edit for your content editors.

Automated SEO

Automated SEO

Core SEO requirements are automated, leaving you with more time to focus on building great experiences.

Staging Changes

Built-in Staging

Out of the box stage environment to test and share new views with content editors and decision makers.

Brands using Zesty.io experience unparalleled agility, from small brand landing pages to enterprise websites. Empower your marketing team to make changes to your campaigns easily and on-the-fly, without hassle.

Headless Capabilities

It's Flexible and Easy to Work with Content

Headless access to content is readily available out of the box with a full read/write Rest API, a Read API, and custom endpoints. Data is easily shapable to match your designed output with custom endpoints. Documentation and open-source connectors are available for popular frameworks.

Jekyll works with Zesty.io
HUGO static site generator works with Zesty.io
NodeJS npm packages available for Zesty.io
VUE js works for Zesty.io
React JS works with Zesty.io

Building with Custom Endpoints

If you don't want to work with an API directly, you can cusotmize your own endpoints that have hydrated data to match your output needs.

Custom Endpoints can be created off any Zesty.io content, and shapped to match any data structure. Thirteen Supported Formats (more coming soon):

xml yaml md svg css js rss json csv tsv ics vcf xhtml
  • Custom JSON files
  • SVG created off datasets (e.g. dynamically rendering images of build locations)
  • Dataset exports (custom CSV exports)
  • Contact information through VCARDS
  • Exports to static site generator (markdown and YAML)
  • Editable configuration files in YAML for cloud deployments
  • Dynamic javascript around data
  • Dynamic CSS styling around data
  • Voice XML dialect for IVR (interactive voice response) e.g. Zesty.io Phone Number Response
  • Dynamic calendar invite downloads (ics)
  • Custom Realtime Really Simple Syndication Syndication Feeds (rss)
  • Markdown template designs
  • Dynamically build Javascript templates like Handlebars or Mustache
  • Old school Raw Text for Funsies'
  • TVML For Apple TV

Content to Voice Hookups Available for

Amazon Alexa integrates for Zesty.io
Roku TV integration with Zesty.io
Google Assistant hookup available for Zesty.io
Apple TV Integrations

Webinars, documentation, and video tutorials available to connect Zesty.io content to your target IoT device.

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