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Zesty.io, a Developer’s Secret Weapon

Last modified on 2021-08-25 18:48:53

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Unparalleled Agility

Brands using Zesty.io experience unparalleled agility, from small brand landing pages to enterprise websites. Empower your marketing team to make changes to your campaigns easily and on-the-fly, without hassle.

Supreme Support

We pride ourselves on our customer’s success. That’s how we know you will succeed, too. You’ll have access to support as available as an open-source community without the hassle and vulnerabilities that open-source brings mid-market and enterprise brands.

Cost Savings

Minimize your IT expenditures and reallocate your resources toward initiatives that drive your business forward. Our SaaS platform empowers your teams to work faster and more efficiently without the classic IT bottleneck.

Key Features and Efficiencies

  • Audit Trail
    An immutable log of all creations, changes, and deletions of all content and content types.

  • True, Multi-tenanted SaaS
    Built from the cloud up, Zesty.io allows you to enjoy versionless, upgradeless, patchless software.

  • OWASP Certified
    Enterprise security out-of-the-box, no configurations required. We regularly excel pen-tests and deflect tens of millions of malicious requests per month. And, because we're SaaS, there are no security patches for you to manage.

  • Best of Breed Technology Partners
    Zesty.io uses enterprise services such as Fastly’s caching and CDN and Google Cloud Platform to provide an exceptional experience to you and your customers. Learn More >

"Since choosing Zesty.io as our CMS, IT now has less responsibility for the marketing site and can focus on our database and customer analytics - that propels our whole organization forward."
- Helen Way, Senior Marketing Manager at BioFilm, Inc.

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