Freely style custom landing pages with unmatched design control.

✅ Drag & drop effortlessly to create custom landing pages in seconds

✅ Make once, use everywhere with reusable design elements.

✅ Collaborate seamlessly by sharing to get feedback without publishing.

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First-of-its-kind, Drag-and-Drop Page Designer for the headless CMS

Create Professional Pages in Seconds

Making good web pages used to be hard. With Freestyle, it's easy. Just drag, drop, and see your ideas come to life without any coding. 

✅ Craft and modify pages effortlessly with a simple drag-and-drop, no coding needed at all.

✅ Have complete control over width, margin, spacing, and media elements for a tailored look.

✅ Add and configure interactive components like forms and CTA buttons by simply dragging and dropping them.

✅ Choose from existing layouts, or design your unique canvas to bring your vision to life from scratch.


Collaborate Seamlessly, Scale Effortlessly

From startups to enterprise, Freestyle adapts to fit your vision and your team. Freestyle makes it easy to work together by letting you use existing brand design frameworks and collaborate quickly.

✅ Blend Freestyle effortlessly with any business design framework, be it mobile or headless web apps.

✅ Get real-time previews & feedback by sharing layout previews without publishing them.

✅ Use our Universal Content Search to access any pre-made content ensuring up-to-date pages.

✅ Track all changes and seamlessly switch between versions without losing content.


Designed for Marketers, Designed for Developers

Provide autonomy to marketing teams to create impactful pages and content while saving productivity hours for developers. 

Build Once, Use Everywhere: Build Widgets and Components once and empower marketers to design without limits.

Smooth Integration: Works perfectly with both traditional and headless website architectures.

Use Intuitive Shortcuts: Design shortcuts align with popular and familiar developer tools.

Import Existing Styles Easily: Simply plug in stylesheets via URL for brand consistency across pages.



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