Astroglide Uses to Drive Engagement and Education

Replatforming from a Legacy System to a SaaS Solution Gives Astroglide Unprecedented Marketing Control

Astroglide Uses to Drive Engagement and Education

Chloe Spilotro 10.18.2018

Seemingly stuck on legacy system DotNetNuke, Astroglide's marketing team felt gridlocked. Content was siloed, the IT team was needed to make even the smallest changes on the website, and it was nearly impossible for the marketing team to move as quickly as they'd wanted.

"It became impossible for the marketing team to get things done, and it was killing our campaign efforts," describes Helen Way, Senior Marketing Manager at BioFilm, Inc. "We needed a way to tie our outbound marketing campaigns back to a digital website that matches the language, and we needed to do that in days, not weeks, or months in some scenarios.”

Once Astroglide had found, there were questions about custom integrations. worked with Astroglide to integrate into their custom database system, Google Analytics, and BazaarVoice. 

Astroglide uses and Bazaarvoice Integration
Astroglide uses and Google Analytics Integration

With a smooth and easy transition to's SaaS content management platform, the marketing team was relieved and excited to get back into managing the site. The results came almost overnight. handles a 63% Conversion Increase & 253% Traffic Increase

A new site coupled with a new strategy can be tricky to execute well. However, Astroglide saw the benefits instantaneously. “We launched our site with a revised free samples form to capture user data via web inputs. The flexibility and openness of their SaaS platform allowed an integration to our on-site ordering database, which made our shipping facilitation easy. We instantly increased our site conversions by 63%. We continue to experience increased conversions as a result of adding a BazaarVoice integration; it was literally a plug & play integration. It required no development effort from our team."

Less IT Responsibility, More Marketing Freedom

The legacy system that was holding the marketing team back also affected the IT team. They couldn't afford to be weighed down by the website when they had their own database and other projects that were their focus. After implementing, the IT team was also relieved and excited. There were no servers or databases to provision, no worries about scaling when introducing a new product, no security issues or patches or updates to manage. “IT now has less responsibility for the marketing site and can focus on our database and customer analytics," just as it should be. 

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