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Summer Internship Series at Zesty.io, Post Three: Creating the Guides

This is the third article in a series by our summer intern, Ronak.

This past week at Zesty, I finished up my work on the iOS App and started working on my next project.

Writing Developer Guides

After creating the ZestyBurger iOS App and the ZestySwiftContentEndpointWrapper, my last task was to write developer guides for how to use what I had created. This was super cool to me, knowing that the code I wrote would be used as an example for production environments. After testing out my guides myself (and asking Simon to test them out), I published the tutorials on how to use Zesty.io to build an iOS App. Check it out - with these instructions, you should be able to replicate what I did and use Zesty.io to build your own iOS app, too!

Working with Hugo

I love a new challenge, and this week's was great. This was probably the most fun part of my week. Prior to this week, I'd never heard of the static site generator, although I had used Jekyll before (my personal blog currently runs on Jekyll). Unlike Jekyll, which is written in Ruby, Hugo is written in Golang (making the name Hugo make more sense) and is insanely fast. Build times were virtually non-existent in Hugo, whereas I've experienced somewhat slow speeds in Jekyll build times despite not having a complicated site. Additionally, Hugo has a fairly intuitive structure, and setting it up wasn't too difficult.

My new task with Hugo was centered around the goal of having it pull data from Zesty.io, which wasn't too difficult due to a feature of Hugo called "Front Matter." Front Matter is a yaml type format which allows you to specify parameters for each page. This worked quite smoothly to integrate with Zesty.io, as I was able to simply translate the JSON available using Zesty.io's Basic JSON API into the yaml front matter.

But even though working with Hugo and writing guides was a lot of fun, I felt the most accomplished when we went out for lunch at an office favorite, Papas & Tacos, who now knows my order simply by looking at me (California Burrito, Sub Meat with Beans, Wheat Tortilla).

By Ronak Shah

My name is Ronak Shah, and I’m a software developer and designer based in Southern California. I’m currently an incoming freshman to UC San Diego, majoring in Computer Science and interning with Zesty.io for the summer.

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