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Kicking off Q1 2022

Happy New Year! 

The promise that Zesty.io has made to customers in 2022 is to deliver more marketer real tools that reduce the need for engineering cycles and to empower non-technical stakeholders with more autonomy. The response we’re getting so far from all sides is a fist-pumping, “Yes!” While we work with continuous improvement led by our customers, this is really the call of the market at large. 

Zesty.io delivered on this promise early with the introduction of Duo Mode in December, a way to gain real-time visibility into edits made on-page. 

As our initiatives for enhancing the marketing product continue forward, Zesty.io actively requests feedback from customers and users to ensure we’re hitting the target on needs. If you’re someone who’s familiar with our platform and would like to share your thoughts, we’d love to hear about them here.

Below is a quick summary of this month's product enhancements. Check out The List below for more details. If you’re waiting for a status update on a bug, enhancement, or feature request,  all of these are available via our publicly accessible Manager UI GitHub repository and Accounts UI GitHub repository.

January Summary

The List

Manager UI







Join our public Zesty.io Developer Chat Community to submit questions, comments and suggestions! 

By Dominic Tarantino

I work with all teams in our enterprise customer base, agency partners and individuals to ensure they are successful on the Zesty.io platform. Zesty.io is an end-to-end solution for those who want powerful omni-channel digital experience built for scale and who want tools that will be relevant throughout the years long enterprise journey.

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