March 2022 Release Notes

A list of updates, releases, and patches in March 2022.

March 2022 Release Notes

Dominic Tarantino 04.04.2022

A March Makeover 

For the month of March,’s marketing site got a makeover! It was completed in less than 1 month, with a team of 3 front end developers, 1 marketer and 1 content manager using our NextJS application

With it comes a logo refresh. The logo is designed to denote’s speed, agility and balance - think powerful dev tools to speed projects to market paralleled with high-impact marketing automation. Click on the little sun or moon icon for light and dark modes: 

The overhaul was part of an effort to convey more clearly where is positioned in the ever evolving world of CMSes: composable, DXP, and Headless-Hybrid options. is a flexstack DXP, which means you can use any code base or framework on However, we’ve set buzzwords aside and focused our message on what matters most and what we do best–which is to help the enterprise achieve their business outcomes with customized, scalable solutions at a global scale.

This month nearly all notable enhancements went into the Manager UI. From a more intuitive WYSIWYG text editing experience to improvements in how the Manager communicates with users while in workflows. 

Feedback is always welcome

If you’re someone who’s familiar with our platform and would like to share your thoughts, we’d love to hear about them here.

Below is a quick summary of this month's product improvements. Check out The List below for more details. If you’re waiting for a status update on a bug, enhancement, or feature request,  all of these are available via our publicly accessible Manager UI GitHub repository and Accounts UI GitHub repository.

March Summary

  • 1 New Feature

  • 12 Enhancements

  • 13 Bugs Fixed

The List

Manager UI

  • Feature: Sticky toolbar request. The (until now) behavior only allowed the extra toolbar options to be sticky which left out necessary tools at the top of the WYSIWYG when scrolling. An improvement has been made to extend the toolbar to not be a popover but to slide below the already sticky toolbar to avoid user confusion.

  • Enhancement: Make schema dropdown also affect toggles. When creating a content model, there are toggles that help a user select their content model type. When those toggles are flipped the "selected model type" dropdown is automatically changed based on the toggles. However, if a user selected a model from the dropdown, the toggles remain unchanged. This can be confusing for the user. Any selection in the dropdown now automatically changes the toggle selection. 

  • Enhancement: User now gets error feedback when uploading media files that surpass the current limit. A generic error message is now replaced with a numbered limit. 

  • Enhancement: Multilang Notifications Added. ​​Notifications now include the language code, e.g. en-US, to allow distinguishing between actions on items with the same titles in different languages.

  • Enhancement: Previously, when a user reached the one-to-many limit, the system did not indicate to the user when a one-to-many field limit had been reached and a second field would be necessary. Now, an alert indicates why it can't be saved, and an additional alert is shown to inform the user to add in another field.

  • Enhancement: Updated the title attribute and info tips in the media modal. Swapped display order of edit filename, copy URL button, and alt title. To fix this, we combined Filename Input and copy URL button, and re-rendered the Copy Button display value when the Filename Input changes. Extra width was added on the tooltips to avoid hidden overflow to the top of the screen.



  • Enhancement: While working on a code file and a user ends a task on a specific line number and then goes to the schema app to find the field reference, when returning to the code file the cursor is placed at line number 1, losing the user’s place in the file.

Now the line number is tracked to where the cursor was on a file and the user is returned to their line number to resume work.

  • Enhancement: When in Duo Mode, an enhancement was made to showing an item in Create view. This restructures the code to be cleaner and more legible. 

  • Enhancement: The redirect table has been enhanced to fix a deprecated component. Now a converted redirectTable class component to functional component and resolves console error component.

  • Fix: Remove duplicate save key combo listener. The issue was caused by duplicate key combo listeners. Whenever a user hit Command + S to save a new entry, it created a duplicate of that entry as well. Removed the listener mounted on the window and kept the useMetaKey hook that is within the Header component. 

  • Fix: Reset to original file sort order when canceling out of 'ORDER' modal. This reduces friction (and frustration) around ordering a large number of files and stopping to run another action if the user decides to cancel  and start again from the original order.

  • Fix: 404 media in app image editor. Added fit control to avoid the 404 error response, below is the corrected view : 

  • Fix: When a user edits a schema item the field on save is being formatted with underscores when it should not be. It was changing it into a Parsley reference name format by error. This has been corrected to show properly.

  • Fix: Clicking on 'Create schema' on Content Editor empty state navigates to Schema tool but shows infinite loader. The Schema Creator now loads as expected. 

  • Fix: Refresh current time on Schedule content model when opened. An erroneous date time was being calculated: 

  • Fix: Fixed media broken copy button. The formatted url in the media app was outputting without the // in the URL. 

  • Fix: WebIDE wasn’t loading previous versions of a code file. When using the diff module, clicking on the version number button does not load the selected version but takes you back to the Content App. The previous version being worked on now loads. 

  • Fix: Deletion of a lead stopped the delete functionality of other leads until after refresh. Now fixed, a user may delete other leads without having to refresh the page.

  • Fix: The search feature in the Content App navigation tree did not allow the user to type in spaces, blocking users from directly searching for the content item they are looking for. This has been corrected and a user can type in spaces when searching. 

  • Fix: Cannot delete dropdown option when choosing to delete a chosen field because the field is not marked as dirty. Now, when deleting an option it is removed from the database data as expected. 

  • Fix: Deletion of a lead stopped the delete functionality of other leads until after refresh. Inside the Leads app, after deleting a lead (using the delete button within the lead details modal) user no longer had the ability to delete any other leads as the button became inaccessible until after a refresh of the page is done. Now, after deleting a lead, the user is able to delete other leads without having to refresh the page.

Node SDK

  • Enhancement: account list and create to support CLI

    • Added: sdk.account.getInstances()

    • Added: sdk.account.createInstance(name)

    • Fixed: baseAPI needed to be determined before invoking super

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