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Enterprise Governance in Zesty.io

We just announced the newest Teams feature here at Zesty.io, and much of the inspiration for the new feature came from the fact that a large percentage of our user base is enterprise. Some of the challenges that our customers shared with us included managing tens to hundreds of users within a single instance or across instances. With the new announcement comes significantly easier user management for enterprises in our CMS.

Managing Users at an Enterprise 

Enterprises often have tens to hundreds of users in anywhere from one to dozens of instances on Zesty.io. That poses quite a few problems when organizing employees and their roles in the CMS.

Teams can be configured in any number of ways, and it’s up to a brand to decide what makes the most sense for their organization. Here we outline a few examples of how enterprises can manage all of the users in their CMS on Zesty.io using Teams.

Department Level Teams

Some enterprises choose to organize their system at the department level. This typically makes the most sense for enterprises who are relatively static in the nature of their web and app projects- just adding and optimizing content. Enterprises whose projects are more dynamic may decide to organize their teams differently in order to streamline and align them with current projects.

Enterprise Marketing Teams

Enterprises often have large marketing teams across multiple product lines, including marketing strategists, content writers, editors, and administrators who manage and publish the content. In Zesty.io, marketing teams can easily be managed. Get a birds-eye view of all of the people on a team, their roles and permissions assigned to a particular instance, with the click of a button in Zesty.io.

Enterprise Development Teams

Enterprises of every size often have wide-spread development teams. With developers in-house, working remotely, or across the globe, managing all of the developers in an enterprise is easier than ever.

Enterprise Technology Teams

Enterprise IT teams typically don’t work in Zesty.io as it’s a SaaS product. But, if there’s one thing enterprise IT is known for, its managing everyone’s access in every software. The CMS is no exception. But, you’re welcome, IT - using Zesty.io to manage all of the employees in Teams makes it that much easier.

Project Specific Teams

If your projects are more dynamic and spurring up often, it may make more sense to organize your teams per project. Easily invite new and assign users with a Team name that corresponds to a specific project (campaign, landing page, microsite, etc.), and assign users in the team roles based on their roles in the project. Once the project is completed, revoke access for the entire team with the click of a button.

Instance Specific Teams

It’s typical for enterprises to be managing multiple instances, whether they’re separate websites, instances specific for in-app content, etc. Easily manage teams within instances by keeping them specific to instances. Bonus, if it makes sense, teams can be created per team within an instance, eg. INSTANCE NAME - Marketing, INSTANCE NAME - Development, etc. This will keep your teams organized across hundreds of people, easily.

By Chloe Spilotro

Hooked onto the platform since first using it through the Zesty.io Incubator Program at the University of San Diego. Passionate about all things marketing, IoT, and helping businesses leverage technology to grow and become major players in their industries.

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