More Flexible 301 Redirects

Updates to 301 Redirect Functionality

More Flexible 301 Redirects

Randy Apuzzo 02.20.2017

301 redirects are a key part of managing or migrating any website. Their primary purpose is to ensure users get to the intended page and that page rank is maintained and pass to the correct pages.

Old behavior

If you were to set up a 301 redirect for /example to a page at the new path of /en/products/example/, it would only be matched directly.

URL Visited Response
/example 301 to /en/products/example/
/example/ 404
/example?utm_medium=linkedin 404
/example/?utm_medium=linkedin 404

New Behavior

Now, that same redirect will be also be caught by other close matches. 

URL Visited Response
/example 301 to /en/products/example/
/example/ 301 to /en/products/example/
/example?utm_medium=linkedin 301 to /en/products/example/?utm_medium=linkedin
/example/?utm_medium=linkedin 301 to /en/products/example/?utm_medium=linkedin

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