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Taking SaaS Technology to the Next Level

Half- Offerings Provide Half- Solutions

The truth is that many WCMS options on the market that claim to be SaaS are not truly SaaS offerings. Marketing teams for software know that the buzzword "cloud" is a term to leverage. Tacking on the word "cloud" to products to make it seem more up-to-date is “cloudwashing.” Many content management systems are software that was originally developed for on-premises purposes. By taking that software, hosting it in the cloud, and pairing it with a subscription pricing model, many platforms are trying to “cloudwash” their customers.

The problem with cloudwashed software is that it’s just a band-aid. It’s in the middle of constant infrastructure changes and updates on the provider’s end. Those changes cause major disruptions in workflow, updates, as well as consistency for marketing and IT teams, which have a domino effect. Disruption causes confusion, and confusion means crippling losses in productivity.

True SaaS Empowers Agility

Our innovative approach to Zesty.io meant being ahead of the curve and building a quality product entirely in the cloud from birth. Cloudwashed products may have SaaS elements to them, but the whole premise of Zesty.io was to elevate that and build out our product. The true SaaS nature of the Zesty.io platform means that the architecture of our product is the heart of what allows us to offer our clients major benefits:

  • Automatic Everything

Zesty.io was conceived and coded in the cloud from birth. It’s managed and maintained across multi-tenant architecture by Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Using Google’s infrastructure means our clients benefit from their security features out of the box. Our virtualized infrastructure means you benefit from continuous access to latest platform updates with no downtime. Leveraging a cloud-born SaaS offering means never having to worry about upgrades, software maintenance, patches, downtime, plug-in updates, losing customization during updates… need we go on? 

  • IT Loves Marketing

SaaS technology means that marketing doesn’t stress IT resources. Network automation and centralized management native to true SaaS remove that burden. Instead of causing them constant headache with cloudwashed software, save IT from enterprise software implementation. Eliminate labor-intensive tasks and processes that cloudwashed and traditional software demand.

  • SaaS takes security to a new level.

High security was an integral part of the native SaaS cloud development process, not an afterthought. Many on-premises solutions trying to become half SaaS are rushed to market, leaving security priorities behind. Being hosted on GCP means extensive DDoS security out of the box. But, security wasn’t an afterthought, remember? We offer an additional layer of protection externally with Cloudflare and internally with Authy’s two factor authentication.

  • Scale infinitely. (Really.)

Our native SaaS is intentionally designed for load balancing across multiple instances, so we’re able to offer a 99.99% uptime. Native multi-tenancy, automatic scalability and load-balancing allow native SaaS to immediately and easily adjust to request demand on your websites. Have a video that goes viral? No problem. Tons of anticipated traffic to spike on Black Friday? We handle that. Our software was designed to scale as your team grows, too. As your company grows and opens new locations, team members can work collaboratively anywhere, anytime across desktop and mobile devices. No new servers, no new problems.


Neither marketing nor IT teams can afford to settle for cloudwashed software. Marketing teams need more than that, and IT is burdened enough as it is. Instead, make everyone happy by leveraging the benefits of SaaS. Deploy websites in weeks, empower your marketing and IT teams with the agility they need to perform, and grow your business faster.

By Randy Apuzzo

Randy has had a penchant for computer programming from an early age and started applying his skills to build business software in 2004. Randy's stack of skills range from programming, system architecture, business know-how, to typographic design; which lends to a truly customer-centric and business effective software design. He leads the Zesty.io team as CEO.

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