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Zesty.io Q1 Features and Updates Preview

We are very excited to kick off 2019 by introducing some amazing new features and functionality to the platform, as well as improving our users' experience. We've developed these tools at the requests of our customers and are very excited to release them faster than anticipated throughout the first quarter of the year. 

New Interface Design

Target Release Date: January 7th

This faster, more intelligent interface is designed for a better content authorship experience. Along with this new interface comes production use of our new backend API, which will power a slew of behind-the-scenes features. Rebuilding the interface will ensure that we can ship new features to satisfy our customers' needs at a much faster pace. And while this is just the first step, it's a landmark for us as we're working towards an open-source React/Redux based interface of Zesty.io for developers to contribute, just like our Accounts UI on Github.

Some other noteworthy features of the new design is that it leverages local storage, which delivers a blazing-fast experience to users. We'll also be adding more in-line editing capabilities for content teams. Content authorship gets easier because we're combining the Markdown, WYSIWYG, and Plain Text editors into one field. You get to choose your editing preference.

Last, but not least, you'll notice in the image above that we've built out a new personalized dashboard! This personalized dashboard is designed to make content authors more efficient: we've added accelerators (smart shortcuts) to content models you access most often and their associated content items. We've also designed this dashboard to give content teams better insights on their consumers' consumption of your brand's content. 

Atom Plugin 1.0 Launch

Beta: January 1st, Target Production Release Date: February 4th

Developers work in different ways and with different workflows. We're excited to unveil our plugin for Atom as an alternate editor for developers. Since the plugin is open-source, developers can openly contribute. The Atom plugin consumes our newly public APIs and pulls down codebase, which allows for Git repository access.

Learn More + Contribute

New Node API Wrapper

Currently Released in Beta, Target Production Release Date: January 7th

This NPM package allows users to integrate apps and workflows directly into Zesty.io content instances. API calls exist to externally publish content, create media, edit views, and publish javascript and CSS. Check out more here.

Learn More About the Node API Wrapper

Audit Trail Updates

Target Release Date: February 4th 

Audit Trail is an immutable track of drafting and publish history of any content on any instance. Many of our clients have to maintain compliance within their marketing and legal departments, and because of that, we're building out our Audit Trail feature to be even more comprehensive. 

Audit Trail Filtering: Audit trail functionality will include filtering by user, and will enable users to search logs and paginate. By building out this feature, we've created an even more intuitive way for content teams to maintain compliance and accountability.

Publishing Logs: Publishing logs are coming to Audit Trail. This will be a tabular view of content scheduled to publish for that instance as well as content that has been published in the past. 


Version Selector

Target Release Date: February 18th

After building out and releasing Content and Code Versions in 2018, we're exciting to add more functionality to versions in Zesty.io. Early 2019, we will release a user interface to be able to view previous content versions and easily roll back and forth and publish previous versions of content. While this functionality currently exists for code versioning, we're thrilled to be able to empower content teams with the same tools.

Single Page Head Tags

Target Release Date: January 28th

Soon we'll be introducing a new interface to create custom head tags per content item. This includes, but is not limited to, Open Graph, verification tags, and other <head> tags needed for integrations. This simple interface will be editable by content marketers, not just code editors.

Per Item Analytics

Target Release Date: February 25th

We're very excited to release unique, granular analytics per content item in Q1 2019. This is going to be an amazing tool for content teams as they'll be able to view analytics per content item. Not only will users be able to view granular analytics per content item, they'll also be able to view analytics per version of content released. This is a deep integration with Google Analytics and is only available to users who use Google Analytics and Zesty.io Web Engine.

By Randy Apuzzo

Randy has had a penchant for computer programming from an early age and started applying his skills to build business software in 2004. Randy's stack of skills range from programming, system architecture, business know-how, to typographic design; which lends to a truly customer-centric and business effective software design. He leads the Zesty.io team as CEO.

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