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Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Upgrade: Time to Switch to SaaS?

You’re not alone. 

It’s easy to procrastinate and “doing nothing”, but a time comes when you must do something.  Most Drupal users are on Version 7 and many are still on Version 6 (which was end-of-lifed at the start of 2016). Drupal 7 is currently the "Long-Term Support" version of Drupal, which means it will not get new features, but will likely get bug fixes and security patches until version 9 drops.

As of 4/9/18 -

Keeping Drupal 7 is a Security Risk

Where do we go from here? The previous versions are showing their age and are reliant on technologies that are or are being deprecated (old PHP is a big security risk).

You are loyal and going to stick with Drupal, so now the question is do you move to the latest Drupal 8 or wait for 9 which is yet to get a release date? The general consensus is that you should move to version 8. There is a massive forklift change over between the versions, but the Drupal project has stated that the intention is to ease future changes like from 8 to 9. Hopefully this is the case. There will still be a process involved as with all traditional, versioned software like this however.

Or… You can look at this decision as an opportunity to explore the future and actually ease all of the management complexities and decisions and costs with upgrades.

Enter SaaS.

Why SaaS Platforms like Zesty.io are a Growing Drupal Alternative

Migration to Zesty.io can be as easy, often easier, than moving up to version 8 of Drupal. We know you will miss it. It’s that car you have had through the last dozen or so years of your life. The one that stuck by you during job interviews and finding new love. The one you made the big move to a new state in. The one you took on countless vacations and was always waiting for you when you came out of the airport.

But, now it has more dings than you can count and the interior has seen better days. Beyond aesthetics, though, it doesn’t run quite like it used to and you know you’ll end up pouring more into maintenance soon than the car is worth.

You can sell that car and buy another pre-owned one. Sure, it will seem new for a while, but it too will get old.

SaaS is like the fountain of youth for software. Ever improving, ever innovating and all behind the scenes, so you don’t have to do the work. Think of it as a lease with magical beings that come and swap out a new car for you to drive every night.

Time to take a look at Zesty.io? Click here.

By Chloe Spilotro

Hooked onto the platform since first using it through the Zesty.io Incubator Program at the University of San Diego. Passionate about all things marketing, IoT, and helping businesses leverage technology to grow and become major players in their industries.

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