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Web Engine:

  • New Feature (business class users only): Web engine and accounts API now allow business class users to run multiple instances to a single domain by using subdirectories.

  • New Feature: Web Engine now checks if an Instance has HTTPS settings for its production URLs, and uses those settings to set HTTP/HTTPS for its preview URL.

  • New Feature: Support for Akamai edge tags

  • Update: Our preview URLs have changed from preview.zestyio.com to preview.zesty.io

  • Bug Fix: Web Engine live production logic now behaves correctly when handling customers who route sub-directories to seperate Zesty.io instances. For example: examples.com/blog/ and examples.com/store-locator/ domains can now be supported and routed as "stage", not just live.

  • Bug Fix: HTTP to HTTPS redirects will now behave consistently with or without WWW.

Manager UI

  • New Feature: Global head tags are now live! Currently supported head tags are meta, link, and script. Users also now have complete control over the sort order of default and custom head tags through this interface which is accessed via the Settings section -> Head Tags category. Additionally, users will notice that they can now see and access head tags that were previously not shown and can be removed/updated based on user's preference. All user created tags at the Instance level will now include a data-scope=instance attribute. This allows for easy understanding of where head tags are managed and applied. Along with this feature comes  cleaner JavaScript access to these values on the front-end using the DOM dataset. We'll be taking this concept of data-scope and applying to both model (coming soon) and item level head tags.

Accounts UI

  • New Feature: Instances can now have multiple domains added and managed from the accounts appmultiple-domains-per-instance-w-outline.png

  • Bug Fix: EcoSystem dropdown selection corrected to navigate to user selection.

Atom Plugin

  • New Feature: The Atom Plugin now offers developer token support. The Zesty.io package for the Atom editor was updated to support developer tokens outside the zesty.json file. To set and save a developer token in the Zestyio Atom editor navigate to the main menu -> Preferences -> Packages -> Zestyio-atom -> Settings. Don't forget to update your package - the current package version is 0.46.2. 

  • New Feature: Improved invalid session checking to trigger a login


  • New Feature: Parsley's {{ include }} call can now be used to include custom endpoints in your Views. To include a custom endpoint declare {{ include }} and then follow it by the name of your endpoint; for example {{ include /my/file.html }}.

Node SDK

Sneak Preview

  • Redefine how you work in Zesty.io's  web IDE with the new Code Editor. Target release date May 11, 2020. code-app-preview.png

  • Get a glimpse of our new Manager UI. Target release date June 2020. new-manager-ui-content.pngnew-manager-ui-schema.png

New and Updated Documentation

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