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Content Manager Dashboard Rebuild and Release

Since the release of the new Manager UI we've increased the pace of our development while focusing on the user's experience. As part of this focus and our continued improvement within the Manager UI we are excited to share the new Content Manager Dashboard.

This iteration of the Dashboard aims at increasing productivity and giving users more of what they need to stay productive. Its sleek, minimalist look packs in a lot of information without a lot of distraction including jump links to the most-used sections of the content manager and their related docs, basic instance information, and more. The new dashboard experience uses data from Audit Trail to tailor the content to each user showing the most recent Content and Web IDE items you edited, allowing you to seamlessly jump back into your workflow.


New Features

We’ve added more metrics to allow you to track your productivity by adding a count of your actions and a graph of your team’s actions as a whole for the last 30 days. Currently, only save and publish actions in Content and the Web IDE are tracked. Both single-user and team actions are tracked in real-time so you can see your count and graph change as you work in your instance.


Our frontend engineer David Naimi started with a wireframe; and then the  engineering team went in search of inspiration from Tugboat Logic and Dribbble for our practical design. After removing the Google Analytics graphs, which you only saw after you authenticated your GA account, Naimi added new components such as jump-links, latest edits, and the team productivity graph. All of these changes were built with React, Redux, various libraries such as Font Awesome and Moment.js, React hooks, and more; and using our API to trackdown Audit Trail data to begin customizing the experience.

Our journey from 2016 (left) to 2021.


Coming Soon

We never stop improving. Soon all of Your Latest Edits will be unique—you won’t see any duplicates. We’re also aiming to make the dashboard more customizable to cater to specific user roles so you get to see exactly what you need. 

We'll continue updating the dashboard based on your feedback too; click this link to get involved. 

Join us on Github where you can find open-source projects from from us too.

By Kim Koga

Experienced writer, editor, and solutions engineer. I love to write instructional documentation to help customers achieve their dreams. Github: https://github.com/kakoga

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