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February 2020 Release Notes

Manager UI: 

Announcement: March 2020 we will be releasing a new web IDE to replace our current IDE.

Announcement: In the third week of March 2020 a new Manager App will be available in beta for customer review and feedback.

Since our release of the new Settings section in January we have iterated through the following user reported UX bugs:

  • Styles colors are now set according to the the blueprint's colors.

  • Styles colors save showing the user's selection(s).

  • Settings section Styles save button is now available after a save event.

  • Settings section Font saving error corrected reflecting successful save events when fonts are added to an instance.

  • Settings section extra save button removed.

Web Engine:

Announcement: In March 2020 we will be releasing new underlying architecture which will allow for new password protection options for the preview URL.

  • New feature: custom email sender for business class cloud customers and enterprise customers.

  • New feature: added support for cookies up to 16kb in total size, up from 8kb. With RFC minimum at 4kb, we are 4x the minimum.

  • Updated stage preview rendering times by optimizing some outputs and connections.

  • Bug fix: Settings Fonts now includes validation so only user specified font weights are installed.

  • Bug fix: on instance creation blueprint field settings (show-in-table, relational fields, and dropdown options) are now set according to plate.xml file.

  • Bug fix: Media section no longer duplicates asset files and folder structures.

New and Updated Documentation

Settings Section: Styles

Settings Section: Fonts

By Kim Koga

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