February 2022 Release Notes

A list of updates, releases, and patches in February 2022.

February 2022 Release Notes

Randy Apuzzo 02.28.2022

GDPR Compliance & Personalization

For the month of February, Zesty.io finalized some decisions on how to handle data in a way that both protects consumers and enables true data and personalization for our customer while adhering to GDPR compliance. 

Headless Integrations to NextJS with a One-Line Setup

Zesty.io’s has developed a Next JS integration that stands apart from the rest by dynamically resolving any url path that is associated with a Zesty.io content instance, but can gracefully fallback to an SPA or default component. To kick start this integration, we are providing a single command line for those familiar with node/npm/react to kick start a new Next JS application from your content instance. 

npx create-next-app --example https://github.com/zesty-io/nextjs-starter

This one-liner command line script  enables content instances to be directly integrated with the Next JS framework which ports content from a predefined schema and within seconds is rendered into Zesty.io with a single line of code.  Catch a live demonstration on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9WMdlQyFgU or start from the open-source Github Repository now:


Feedback is always welcome

If you’re someone who’s familiar with our platform and would like to share your thoughts, we’d love to hear about them here.

Below is a quick summary of this month's product enhancements. Check out The List below for more details. If you’re waiting for a status update on a bug, enhancement, or feature request,  all of these are available via our publicly accessible Manager UI GitHub repository and Accounts UI GitHub repository.

February Summary

  • 2 New Features

  • 3 Enhancements

  • 5 Bugs Fixed

The List

Manager UI

  • Feature: Code lock. This feature prevents devs from over writing each other in code files that must be accessed by multiple teams or people. 


  • Feature: One-line Next JS Instance Setup: As described above, this powerful feature allows Next JS fans to port data from a NextJS framework and render it in a predefined schema. 

  • Fix: Engineers prevented a crash situation with redirects “TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'meta')”.


Web Engine

  • Enhancement: Instance ZUIDs can now be exposed as a header for more operations. 

  • Enhancement: updates for running headless server side applications: An improvement has been made to better power SSR services like NextJS and Nuxt.

    •  Adaptive Rendering Proxy now ignores proxying paths when the strings /-/ or ?toJSON are in the request path. This was changed to allow for headless applications (those which catch all routing including 500s and 404s) with a remote server to run as a webengine proxy while still serving to JSON and headless APIs. 

  • Additionally GQL and React friendly Model names are generated in Instant API and JSON output. This was done so the headless user is not responsible for mutating the string to match Zesty.io content models to React or GQL naming conventions.


Accounts UI

  • Fix: Fixes an instance invite that is missing if the user has favorited the instance before. On the grid list view when a user was previously a member of an instance and they had favorited the instance, if they are then removed and re-invited to an instance, the pending invite card will not be shown unless the instance is un-favorited. This has been corrected.
  • Fix: Deprecated a blueprint modal in My Account settings.


  • Fix: Inside the instance settings drawer under Set Your Domain of the publish your instance box, the add domain button was unavailable when the domain is formatted correctly. However when the domain to be added is formatted incorrectly and includes protocols the add domain button becomes available. This has been fixed to be available without protocols. 

Node SDK

  • Enhancement: Fetching model options by language: adds an options object to the fetchItems function with a default language of en-US. This will allow for consumers to define a language which they would like to fetch model items by.

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