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Introducing Our New Schema Editing Experience

To be released the week of July 22nd. Active users will receive an email.

We are very excited to unveil our new Schema editing experience. This complete overhaul provides a more intuitive, performant, and aligned experience. We can’t wait for you to try it out!

Here is a summary of major changes being released:

New, Intuitive Design

2019 is a big year for us at Zesty.io and one of the major initiatives we have been pushing forward is creating a design-system to align to our visuals and experience across all of our platform applications. This is an ongoing process that we are tackling one application at a time. We’ve been taking customer feedback and working it into our design language, benefitting all users. Our design-system is also part of our effort to move more of our code bases to public repositories, allowing shared learnings from developing a product surface of this breadth as well as providing vetting of our development and design practices.

It is Fast… Really Fast!

This new user interface is powered by our user accessible instance-api built with Golang. Our development team has been hard at work over the course of this year building and improving this API. Their efforts show. Response times for API requests are vastly improved resulting in an overall user interface speed increase.

This is not an easy task. Our customers use the Zesty.io platform to build large and complex sets of data. Due to the platform’s ability to create related sets of content this can create quite complex data queries. The Zesty.io API engineers have worked to provide intelligent solutions which allow for these types of complex relationships while delivering them in a performant manner.

Tool-tips and Field Descriptions

Fields added to models in Zesty.io can now have tool-tips and descriptions. This allows users who build the content models to provide contextual information to content authors guiding them on how best to use and provide content to the individual fields. For example; does your content team have editorial guidelines? If so, this new feature is a great way to provide editors in-app context as they are working, ensuring your content stays on brand.

Easy Content Model Duplication

An often requested feature that we are now very happy to provide to all Zesty.io users. Model duplication allows you to instantly make a copy of an existing model and then tweak to the specific needs of the newly created model. This allows for faster workflows when modeling.

Quicker Model Discovery

Large instances can have upwards of a hundred unique content models, which makes finding and managing them difficult. We have added the ability to filter your models by their user-defined labels. This allows for quick discovery of a specific model needing to be edited. Along with filtering your list of models, we now provide deep urls to models and individual model fields. This allows for quick links through out the platform that can direct a user to the exact model or field they need to work with.

Some Fun Stats

For the developers out there, here are a few details and stats on this release:

  • Built with React and Redux

  • Total code addition/deletions +37,865 −22,522

  • 212 commits

By Stuart Runyan

Developing web technologies is my passion! I'm focused on creating applications and experiences to solve the problems which today's digital marketers face. I believe in web standards, a mobile first approach, access for everyone, open source software and the democratization of information. My goal is to continue the Internet being pure awesome!

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