July 2020 Release Notes

Kim Koga

August 2020

New Microsoft SSO Feature

Zesty.io has released our Microsoft SSO integration. This will support new Zesty.io account creation with Microsoft logins for their Azure Active Directory, Live.com and Xbox account products. In addition those with existing Zesty.io accounts whose emails map to an Active Directory organization will be able to login with the new integration and link their Zesty.io account with their Azure AD org.This new integration acts as another way to authenticate with Zesty.io


New updates listed below are available in preview, but not in production (published, live URLs). If you'd like early access to these function on your production URL, please reach out to support at support@zesty.io 

  • New feature: Parsley now allows for wildcard routing. Learn more about wildcard routing with this article.
  • New function: response.path() gets the full path of a URL

  • New function: request.pathPart(num) allows users to access specific paths in a URL

  • New function: request.queryParam(num) allows users to access a URLs query parameters.

  • Improvement: truepath() can now be used in each loops and with Parsley variables
  • Bug fix: Parsley's {{ navigation }} functions no longer show unpublished items.

  • Bug fix: Parsley's {{ navigation }} function accounts for unique internal/external link item types

Web Engine 

  • Improvement: unresolved placeholder media tokens (#@#MEDIA_PLACEHOLDER_3#@#) are no longer cached

Accounts UI

  •  Bug fix: when a new instance is created and "None" is selected from the EcoSystem dropdown instance creation no longer errs

  • Bug fix: instance card globe icon live link no longer shows deleted domains.

New and Updated Documentation

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