July 2021 Release Notes

Dominic Tarantino

July 2021

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Aesthetical Enhancements for a More Intuitive Manager UI Flow 

If you’ve been following the release notes beat, Zesty.io core engineers have been working to meet the growing demands of our enterprise customer installment and agency partners who serve large volumes of dynamic content globally. There have been a host of net new innovations brought to the market as a result. Part of that effort comes with little but meaningful improvements to in-app experiences. There are two enhancements highlighted for the month of July. 

The first is a color change to minimalist white for the Manager UI’s sidebar subnav. You’ll notice this repaint occurs in Content, Schema and Settings tabs. 

The change is largely cosmetic but it’s also meant to ease the flow of navigation through the Manager interface while simultaneously adding a more modern look and feel. When a main navigation tab is clicked, sidebar subtabs highlight in Zesty Orange to provide a traceable path back to where users started. 

Following this lighter theme, an ultra light blue gradient refactor is now visible on Settings pages to differentiate it from Content and Schema. Additionally, a new setting notification pops up by the save button to let users know when the settings changes will take effect.

Shown below: Settings (Main Nav)>General (Sub Nav)>General Settings (Destination).


Word Occurrence Count and Matches on Pages via Content Insights for Improved SEO

Zesty.io makes the marketer’s job easier by adding Content Insights. Content Insights offers valuable SEO keyword information. For all content powered by Zesty.io’s WebEngine or headlessly, Content Insights shows: 

  • Total number of words

  • Non-common words (and, or, but, for etc.)

  • Unique words

  • Content Word Occurrences 

  • Meta  URL, Meta Title and Description Word Occurrences

  • Meta and Content Word Matches

Having visibility into which words match in Content and Meta provides a way for SEO managers to spot check how finely tuned their keyword choice alignments are. The feature accelerates the experimentation process to understand which keywords perform better. 

Here is what the new UI looks like with Content Insights: 

Below is a quick summary of this month's accomplishments. Check out The List below for more details. If you’re waiting for a status update on a bug, enhancement, or feature request,  all of these are available via our publicly accessible Manager UI GitHub repository and Accounts UI GitHub repository.

July Summary

  • 2 New Features

  • 14 Enhancements

  • 17 Bugs Fixed

  • 1 New / Updated Docs

The List


  • Fix: 200 messages for robots txt. This bug surfaced when non www robots.txt did not redirect.

  • Fix: Internal/External Link content type item now loads with {{navigation}} call. With the {{navigation}} call users will now see all items with a url including the internal/external link types.=

  • Enhancement: Parsley Auto-layout has a term change that is more fitting to its purpose. The param term “inline” to “stacked” which means PAL will stack your model's fields one on top of each other. 

  • Enhancement: Parsley now can be used to loop over all images attached to a piece of content and reference _num and _length to format JSON by determining when to exclude the trailing comma. See the example code below:

  • Enhancement: In WebEngine Modes, any url with JSON flag now outputs JSON.

  • Fix: On sitemap, Multi page items parented under the homepage had their parentZuid set to null instead of 0. This caused an inconsistency between Instances API and WebEngine. A fix was made to setting items to 0. Items are now displayed in sitemap despite their nulled parentZuid value.

Manager UI

  • Fix: Media use search component. Converting search to utilize Zesty.io design system search with debouncing added. 

  • Fix: Content Nav now sorts by title alphabetically by default. 

  • Enhancement: Added a target blank to global Instance link outs. 

  • Enhancement: A Zesty.org link has been added to the help menu. 

  • Fix: A conditional check for setColumns onSort has been added. 

  • Fix: An issue causing Custom Roles not to work is back in operation. When a custom role was added the manager did not display the content model as expected in the Content Editor app. 

  • Fix: Restoring the Schema edit code link to go to the correct file (path). 

  • Enhancement: Link to zesty.org docs in sub nav:

  • Enhancement: An info tip has been added in SEO to help users better understand how to create a redirect link. 

  • Feature: WebEngine quicklinks have been added in the code file drawer.

  • Fix: Ctrl+S did not save the content item when editing content. It is now restored. The fix ensures that the keybind handler is not using a stale version of the item when it checks if the item is dirty. 

  • Feature: Content filter has been greatly improved allowing for searches by name, ZUID or path. Typo notifications are given to the user to indicate bad search results. In addition, a home button has been added next to the search for a fresh restart. 

  • Enhancement: Labels in Content have been updated to display Parsley syntax references as sub labels. 

  • Enhancement: A preview link has been added to the global instance dropdown: 

  • Fix: A continuous load screen upon creating blueprints was resolved.

  • Fix: Content is now updated when toggling through previous versions of content. 

  • Enhancement: A dashboard button has been added to the content filter. 

  • Fix: Main Nav update to have a max-width of 350px and keeping all search & buttons stacked and in view:

  • Fix: A problem has been resolved when creating a new item for a Multi Page Model in which an empty row was generated causing the user to be redirected or to leave the unsaved item to another view. 


  • Enhancement: A WebEngine preview tab was added to Content. This better defines what WebEngine is and what it is used for which is to power page views. 

And for perspective: 

  • Enhancement: An updated package lock for Settings Deploy has been added. 

  • Fix: A correction in logic for Headless Content Models showing HEAD tab with access/ability to add head tags. Since the HEAD tab should not exist for headless models, the below tab was removed.

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