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Large notable updates: Internationalization of content, Parsley deep references, and Custom Head Tags for Web Engine.


Sitemap: Sitemap XML update to the automated output: <lastmod> added, <changefeq> removed.

Parsley: Support for Deep References, which is the ability to access parsley calls within each other more than two levels deep. For Example

{{$my_var = {authors.filter(z.zuid = '{this.author}').name} }}

Parsley: Optimized to render faster url previews for developer and content authors. A few benchmarks were taken for direct rendering with different styles of usage. Note: these are not pre-rendered cached benchmarks.

Versions: The ability to view the current version and previous versions in Web Engine is now available from the content editing interface.

GraphQL Support: WebEngine now works with GraphQL, view our example on Github.

Instant Content API

Security: Added ability to pass an authentication header as been added via a setting. See more about instant api here in Zesty.org docs.

Content Editing

Internationalization/Localization: Content can now be stored in many languages, this feature is activated using the API, documentation to turn on i18n is available on zesty.org.

Instances API

Headtags: Added ability to add/remove and control headtags on specific content pages, the full website, or specific content models. Documentation on head tags.

CSS/JS Transpiling: Improved LESS, SASS/SCSS transpiler error messages. Publishing a script or stylesheet will now trigger a rebuild JS and CSS file rebuild.

New Production Endpoints:

  • /v1/web/stylesheets

  • /v1/web/scripts

  • /v1/web/headtags

  • /v1/content/models/:content_model_zuid/fields

  • /v1/content/items/publishings

Full Instances API documentation available here.

Upcoming Releases

  • Content Schema: New User Interface Update that consumes the production instance API endpoints. With this, new field and model options will be available. Editable Descriptions and tools tips.

  • Extensions: An interface to browse, build and export, and install extensions. Extensions range from quick content models, integrations, and WebEngine options.

By Randy Apuzzo

Randy has had a penchant for computer programming from an early age and started applying his skills to build business software in 2004. Randy's stack of skills range from programming, system architecture, business know-how, to typographic design; which lends to a truly customer-centric and business effective software design. He leads the Zesty.io team as CEO.

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