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Manager UI Change Log January 11th, 2019

Thank you to all of our customers that helped point out parity issues between the legacy Zesty.io content editor and the new React/API-based Content Editor. Below we list a summary of changes and update made since the Monday night release of the new content editor.

Change Log from 1.9.19 - 1.11.19

Organized by Area

Table View
  • Tables can be sorted by column header

  • Tables have memory for the sort and search state they were in, so when you jump around in content and return back to the table, your sort/search position will be retained

  • Tables show published and unpublished states appropriately

  • An empty state appears when filters do not find items, with a clear buttons

  • Table columns now abide by their Sort and "Show in Table" option

Content Creation & Content Saving & Content Publishing
  • Canonical Tags default to ON

  • Path Part Checking is now set to be unique to the parent, giving you the option to have multiple of the same path parts with different parents

  • Clearer Publish state indicators were added to the editing experience

  • Unpublishing a page now behaves as expected, by purging the CDN. Allowing a page to unpublish immediately.

  • Date/Time no longer converts to UTC on save, but saves what the user chooses

  • A page settings now correctly show the parent path as selected

  • On save if a required field is empty it is scrolled to

  • We have added a "Cmd + k" / "Ctrl + k" keyboard shortcut for turning selected text into a link

  • Removing all content from the WYSIWYG editor now properly removes all unseen html. Allowing empty string checks to function as intended.

  • Markdown Types saves as Markdown, before it saved as WYSIWYG HTML

  • Google Charts are now ordered by their proper dates

  • Google Charts output date to match international standards

Code Editor
  • Text was returned to original size

Global Environment / Inputs
  • Yes/No Toggle now triggers a state change

  • Yes/No Toggle redesigned to work in both usage modes

  • Tags now link to their associated editable pages

  • URLs for live links respect WWW and SSL settings

  • Expired sessions now trigger a login modal prompt when attempting to save content (as it was in legacy)

Cache Management
  • Sites “Purging All” cache on save (previously single page purges were occurring on save with the new release)

  • Deleting an item purges the cache

By Randy Apuzzo

Randy has had a penchant for computer programming from an early age and started applying his skills to build business software in 2004. Randy's stack of skills range from programming, system architecture, business know-how, to typographic design; which lends to a truly customer-centric and business effective software design. He leads the Zesty.io team as CEO.

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