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Manager UI: 

  • New Feature: Global Headtags, to be released early April 2020: There will be a user interface for users to manage head tags of their html pages. This was traditionally done through our API or at a single-page level through the user interface. Users will be able to create 3 types of global head tags via the Settings section under the Head Tags subsection: meta, script, and link. Global head tags allow users to set global (site-wide) head tags for an instance.

  • Updated feature: The new code app is close to release. It can be previewed from your manager by visting HASH.manage.zesty.io/#!/code/.

  • Bug fix: The analytics cloud function has been fixed and analytics are once again available through the content manager dashboard (as long as a user has set them up).

Accounts UI: 

  • New EcoSystem Feature: Instances can be added to an EcoSystem during the creation process. EcoSystems allow for asset sharing between instances through a bin in the Media section as well as some behind-the-scenes architectural permissions.


  • Many underlying architectual changes were released this month which users cannot see. These changes and updates were made to set the foundation for the upcoming Manager UI release which we will be previewing to power users in late April.

Auth API:

  • The auth API URL changed from svc.zesty.io/auth to auth.api.zesty.io. Developers running scripts that leverage Ruby or Node Zesty API wrappers/SDKs need to update their packages by June 1, 2020.

Node API Wrapper:

New and Updated Documentation

Account Settings Overview

Learn how to refresh cached items

Instance Settings Overview

The connection between Schema, Content, and Code (Editor) 

Editor and Coding Basics

Glossary entry: Snippet

Adding instances to EcoSystems

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