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We're rounding out the first quarter of the year with ever increasing momentum by squashing bugs, implementing new features, and constant improvements to the platform. All of this work amounts to us improving our code base and as we do that it becomes easier and quicker for us to plan net-new features, add enhancements, and resolve any issues that arise.

Within the next month we're planning to sunset access to the legacy content manager which moves us into a whole new development period marked by all actions in the product driven by APIs.  

Below is a quick summary of this month's accomplishments. Check out The List below for more details. Searching for the status of a bug, enhancement, or feature request? All of these are available via our publicly accessible Manager UI and Accounts UI repositories.

March Summary

  • 5 New Features
  • 13 Improvements
  • 1 Update
  • 23 Bugs Fixed
  • 11 New and Updated Docs

The List

Web Engine:

  • New Feature:You can now set a base directory for site.css, site.js, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, etc. This especially impacts users with hybrid setups using subdirectories. Once this setting is activated the site will be simultaneously impacted therefore you'll need to refresh the cache immediately.

  • New Feature: Safe Email Send validates an email override input value against the sending email.

  • New Feature: Dynamic values in head tags. Meta, Title, Script, and Link tags may use dynamic references to globals, settings, and content values.

  • Improvement: All preview links enforce https.

  • Improvement: If users do not set a favicon then there is a default icon will be used. zesty-standard-favicon.HJccxiiHu.png

  • Improvement: Zesty.io enforces trailing slash on URLs.

  • Update: Zesty.dev and Zesty.site domains block all webcrawlers.

  • Bug Fix: Subdomains are not impacted by the Always Prepend WWW setting.

  • Bug Fix: Always Prepend WWW setting is now enforced if it's been turned on.

  • Bug Fix: Preview lock now works on subdirectories works as expected.

  • Bug Fix: Published items no longer show on domains pointed to dev branch.

  • Bug Fix: Sitemap.xml now adheres to instance's CORS settings.

  • Bug Fix: Redirect routing with Zesty.io Hybrid no longer loops with trailing slash.

  • Bug Fix: HTTPS redirects without a trailing slash no longer downgrades.

  • Bug Fix: Instances using subdirectories without a trailing slash now redirect as expected.

  • Bug Fix: Subdomains using SEO redirects configured in Zesty.io no longer have dot (e.g. subdomain.example.com) replaced by dash (e.g. subdomain-example.com) on redirect.

  • Bug Fix: Parsley's .getImageFileName() now renders content as expected


Manager UI

  • New Feature: Refresh Instance Cache button. This will purge every path throughout an instance. Use it with caution as it's a hard pull on origin. refresh-instance-cache-button.png

  • Improvement: Missing favicon is now shown on the content dashboard under the instance summary. set-favicon.png

  • Improvement: Content manager notifications have been moved to the upper right-hand corner. And notification colors indicate their status: green (success), yellow (warning), red (error), blue (general). error-colors.png

  • Improvement: Dashboard cards have descriptive information in empty states

  • Improvement: Settings section Fonts search and styling have been updated for better user experience.

  • Improvement: Settings section save notification is more descriptive.

  • Improvement: Settings section Fonts no-search-result message more descriptive.

  • Improvement: Under Settings and Fonts the Add button isn't active until the font weight/style is selected.

  • Improvement: Extra space removed from content item reordering modal.

  • Bug Fix: When fonts are added via Settings they are also added to the instance's head.

  • Bug Fix: Publish status icon now shows in the headless model table view.

  • Bug Fix: Added handling for previously installed fonts with no variation selected.

  • Bug Fix: Added publish icon on Web IDE files that have unpublished changes.

  • Bug Fix: Number pickers for sorting head tags and automated navigation order work as expected.

  • Bug Fix: Aligned colors of cards to design system standards in the Web IDE utitlity drawer.

  • Bug Fix: All table-view items are accessible when non-EN-US languages are selected from the multi-lang dropdown.

  • Bug Fix: Live link from content items now links to the most recently added domain.

  • Bug Fix: Schema fields now have icons.

  • Bug Fix: Spinner icon shows correctly on Settings Head tags save button.

  • Bug Fix: When media file names are updated the file's URL is updated as well. 

  • Bug Fix: Content item reordering is now reflected in the sidebar.

  • Bug Fix: Only the selected item will be hidden when the eye icon is clicked.

Accounts UI

  • Improvement: Authentication errors on login are more descriptive and helpful to the user.  

  • Improvement: If your account previously used basic authentication once you sign in with Microsoft SSO it will then require SSO for future login attempts.

New and Updated Documentation

By Kim Koga

Experienced writer, editor, and solutions engineer. I love to write instructional documentation to help customers achieve their dreams. Github: https://github.com/kakoga

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