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We're happy to announce a new way to work with assets through our /-/media feature. Enterprise-level customers now have the option of serving media through our unique media path /-/media. 

What is our Media Proxy URL?

When this feature is activated you can replace the default media domain (eg. xyz.media.zestyio.com) with an instance's registered domain. This means that all media URLs will appear as https://example.com/-/media/*.


  • If you want to keep your media in an external bucket then keep it there! There's no need to upload your media to Zesty.io.
  • SEO

    • Name files with SEO in mind.

    • Files reference your domain and not the zestyio.com domain. See the example below.

This image is being served from the zestyio.com media URL https://wgmh7bnj.media.zestyio.com/lights.jpg. Click on the image to expand it and see the URL. example-image-for-media-proxy-url.png

Once I activate the Media Proxy URL setting, the image serves from my URL:  https://kimtestbuild.zesty.dev/-/media/lights.jpg. Click on the image to expand it and see the URL.example-image-for-media-proxy-url.png

How does it work?

When this setting is activated it allows WebEngine to proxy through to a media bucket of images on an instance's regisered domain. This allows for routing though the Zesty.io registered domain or it can be used to pass through a storage bucket from Amazon, Azure, and Google too. Read about some of the highlighted aspects below and see our Zesty.org Media Proxy URL documentation for more detailed information on how this feature works.


If the proxied domain is a Zesty.io media URL, then WebEngine will look to replace the default media URL with the relative /-/media/ path.  

Hardcoded URLs

When hardcoded URLs are being used, as often happens in CSS files, WebEngine will scan the site.css file for hardcoded media URLs and replace them with the /-/media/ path.


All media items now have ZUIDs and can be purged. Media purges will cascade to every item that includes that asset.

Get the feature

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By Kim Koga

Experienced writer, editor, and solutions engineer. I love to write instructional documentation to help customers achieve their dreams. Github: https://github.com/kakoga

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