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Media Redesign and Release

It’s still the start of the year, but we’ve hit the ground running. Yesterday our team released the redesigned Media section for our content manager. This task has been in our pipeline for a long time; as soon as we restructured the underlying architecture we got started on the UI. 

If you’ve been in the Zesty.io community for long you’ve probably seen the Media section change little by little over the years. However when we look at 2013 (left) and 2021 side-by-side we can see the huge jump we’ve made in styling and function alone:


zesty-history-media-2013.pngZesty.io redesigned Media section 2021


Since 2013, we've worked a lot on this application. It's improved substantially since it's beginning, as we've added support for multiple file types (.gif, .mp4, .pdf, and more), the ability to drag-and-drop add media, manage file data,  substantially increased app performance, and more. Here's a snapshot of our new UI for the new Media app in Zesty.io: 

In this particular rebuild and release, we not only made the UI more friendly but we also added new features:

  • Performance upgrades allow the app to handle thousands of folders and millions of assets.
  • Deep links which allow users to link directly to images, allow globals tabs to function, and more
  • Allow users to hide groups
  • Collapse groups for easier organization
  • Global tabs so your media is always at your fingertips
  • Accessible meta data for images

To learn more about how Zesty handles Media, check out our details on our Digital Asset Management (DAM).

By Kim Koga

Experienced writer, editor, and solutions engineer. I love to write instructional documentation to help customers achieve their dreams. Github: https://github.com/kakoga

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