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October 2nd 2019 Product Release Notes

Web Engine

  • References to CSS and JS files generated by zesty Web Engine use to use a numeric number like /site.css?v=23, it now uses a hash based on the last date it was edited, for example /site.css?v=62c8fe6a51710001f42924b26672e9ae. This is both compliant with legacy zesty developer workflows and new the new API driven workflow developer workflow.

  • Legacy CSS output for /ie8.css and /ie7.css files in the head were removed. They may now be added manually as an endpoint and a custom head tag if ever needed again.

NPM Node Wrapper

Version 0.2.3 released. Changes:

  • Added the cache parameters to the publish endpoints for scripts, stylesheets, and views. Previously a publish would not trigger a cache destruction. No need to update existing developer API flows, but please npm update to version 0.2.3 to ensure cache is busted.

ATOM Plugin

  • Added publish buttons for javascript, views, and CSS files.

  • Slotted for release v0.44.0, the developer token is moving out of zesty.json and into ATOM settings storage. This may affect diffing the zesty.json file for CI/CD flows.

  • beta badging removed.

Instances API

  • Publish endpoints for Views, Stylesheets, and Scripts are now Generally Available.

By Randy Apuzzo

Randy has had a penchant for computer programming from an early age and started applying his skills to build business software in 2004. Randy's stack of skills range from programming, system architecture, business know-how, to typographic design; which lends to a truly customer-centric and business effective software design. He leads the team as CEO.

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