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EcoSystem functionality has lived in since 2012, but was never exposed through the interface or API. EcoSystems are groups of instances and other platform services. Billing accounts will be attach at an EcoSystem level. Sharing of media bins can be done through EcoSystems.

All instances are now created with a new EcoSystem or are optionally attached to an existing EcoSystem on creation.

API documentation for EcoSystems:


A new webpage hosted on Google Cloud Containers (not on’s infrastructure) was launched to monitor health checks on core services. View the website:


If you need to use the logo you may download it at, which is a single page vanilla javascript app running headless content from ;)

New Logo

We release our new logo across all applications! View the new logo at

Manager UI

  • Meta Text over 160 bug

  • Date Time content field bug fixed

  • New Publishing Flow

  • WYSIWYG updates to table editing

  • Browser Tab title now shows manager: instance name

  • Bug Fix: in code editor when a soft deleted view shared the name of a new view, publishing would would move code into the deleted view. Developers would run into this when they published a file but did not see the result on the frontend.

  • Bug Fix: The API was ahead of the user interface for the code editor behavior. The API made a data change that the old interface did not interpret correctly. We updated the old interface to understand that change.

Accounts UI

  • New instances prompt the creation of an ecosystem, or create one for you.

  • Browser Tab title now shows Accounts: Area or Instance Name

Accounts API

Auth API


Web Engine

  • Dynamic head tags reference are not available. Usage documentation Dynamic tags enable extensions to control scripts in the header for software like optimizely, tealium, google tags etc.. It also allows users to make customer tags like name=”og:price” be dynamic to their content item.

ATOM Editor Plugin

  • Made initialize, login, and getting started seamless. All functions are now available from the plugin dropdown in ATOM.

  • Added support for pulling latest file from cloud by right clicking into the file editor and selecting “pull from cloud”.

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