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Prepping for Q4 and Beyond

The entire Zesty.io organization coordinates around a mindset of customer feedback. It’s a way to continuously improve the platform experience. For the month of September, ahead of some big company initiatives set for Q1, Engineering and Business began evaluating a range of requests from the enterprise customer base. 

Our customers do both unique and amazing things on the Zesty.io platform to varying degrees of complexity, and it is not uncommon that requests generally fall into two main categories: accelerating developer workflows and features that empower marketers. 

As we head into the evaluation phase of the feature request initiative, engineers have already   implemented a quick win summarized below under Web Engine - flexible multi-lang URL pathing - along with the standard updates that were pushed to production this month.

Check out this quick summary of September’s accomplishments. See The List below for more details. If you’re waiting for a status update on a bug, enhancement, or feature request,  all of these are available via our publicly accessible Manager UI GitHub repository and Accounts UI GitHub repository.

September Summary

The List


Manager UI

Content Home Icon

SEO & Meta > Content Insights

Content Disable Action

               Check the dev footage here: https://www.screencast.com/t/Q4ZOsjqQD

Accounts UI

Enhancement: A sweeping effort has been made across the Accounts UI to update zesty-io/core design system dependencies. 

By Dominic Tarantino

I work with all teams in our enterprise customer base, agency partners and individuals to ensure they are successful on the Zesty.io platform. Zesty.io is an end-to-end solution for those who want powerful omni-channel digital experience built for scale and who want tools that will be relevant throughout the years long enterprise journey.

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