July has been jam-packed with work to improve processes and and promote productivity for Zesty users. Continue reading to see what we did this month to enhance the Zesty experience!

Searching for the status of a bug, enhancement, or feature request? All of these are available via our publicly accessible Manager UI repository.

July 2023 Summary

New Features

New Dashboard


We're excited to release the new Dashboard experience in the content manager! With the new dashboard experience, Zesty now provides unique insights into customer's analytics powered by GA4. Gain insights on your instance performnce directly within the platform. More information can be found here: Content analytics dashboard #2016.


  • Global Search: UX Overhaul and added ability to search schema, media, and code #2170
  • Manager: Schema Enhancements #2178
  • Manager: Content API Tab Revamp #2191
  • Manager: Auto-select newly uploaded files when in content editor #2208
  • Manager: Highlight recently created folders #2213
  • Manager: Add navigation arrows to media file preview #2216


  • Manager: You do not have permission to access to this instance #2185
  • Manager: Copy URL on 'video' Media not functioning properly #2105
  • Manager: Non-Error promise rejection captured with keys: _meta, data, error, status #2103

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