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One of Zesty.io's core values is innovation—we’re obsessed with it. And that’s why we work with the partners we do. Whether you’re looking for creatives, technology integrators or a full-service experience, we will connect you with a partner that best fits your project and your organization. We’ve brought ideas to life for evolving companies as well as the enterprise. Get the resources you need to execute your content strategy and drive your business to the next level.

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Digital Experiences

Indigo Slate

Bellevue, WA

Remember the old saying “opposites attract”? With our team, it’s true. If you walk down our halls, you’ll find a seasoned technology expert chatting with a savvy marketing strategist while high-fiving a daring graphic designer. On the surface, we’re different. But we share one tie that binds us together: We understand that it takes all of us to deliver customer experiences that are accurate, beautiful, and effective.

Full Service


San Diego, CA

i.d.e.a. is a progressive, creative communications leader. We deliver smart, right-sized ideas that live in all the unique places consumers play. Consumers move fast, and so do we, to propel our brand partners forward and make brands matter. We move people, products and culture. We do this by bringing our brand partners integration unlike any other agency, through a process that ensures a 360-degree approach to their marketing challenges.

Healthcare Marketing


San Diego, CA

Motionstrand continually improves our process through certification as a healthcare agency. We partner with leading medical professional and patient engagement providers that are integral to our clients' digital ecosystem, and we are committed to doing the highest quality work in the healthcare industry.


Barefoot Solutions

San Diego, CA

Founded in 2005, over the last decade Barefoot has grown into a full service interactive agency that creates and manages first class digital products across a wide range of industries. Featuring a diverse team of UI/UX designers, software engineers, system architects and project managers, at Barefoot we pride ourselves on hard work and innovative products that push the edges of emerging technology.

Digital Marketing

Tandem Theory

Dallas, TX

Tandem Theory is known for our Customer Experience discipline that bridges the gap between consumer expectation and the brand promise. Our Content Marketing discipline develops on-target messaging and creative through compelling storytelling. And our insanely data-driven Channel Orchestration practice fine tunes every channel frequently in order to derive insights and drive bottom line results.



San Diego, CA

Accelerate your software development capacity with the power of agile nearshore teams. We’re committed to foster tech communities by sharing our knowledge and experiences with them. We do this by empowering innovation ecosystems; such as incubating startups, connecting people, participating as speakers, organizing workshops and maintaining close ties with thought-leadership across the industry.

Creative Services

Experiences for Mankind

San Diego, CA

EFM partners with clients at every stage to learn their audience, identify the right approach, and look for fresh ways to tell their story seamlessly at every point along the customer journey. From global leaders to groundbreaking startups, EFM works closely with forward-thinking brands in key industries, helping them shift from speaking to consumers and other businesses to simply speaking to other humans.



San Diego, CA

Surfcoders are your go-to experts for solving complex challenges with your website, content management system, cloud hosting platform or general web performance updates. Our team has a proven track record of driving results and work diligently to deliver projects on time and built with best practices in mind.



San Diego, CA

We are the art creative professionals of the greater San Diego area. We love what we do and believe that your success is also ours, that is why we are committed to making sure your brand presence always stays looking exceptional. Our strategy is simple- we aim to understand your concepts and goals to inspire fresh innovative ideas that will help you stand out & more importantly succeed in this competitive market. We understand that each company is unique and that not all solutions are the same. That is why we provide customized approaches to suit your needs.

Full Service


Las Vegas, NV

VIRGEN brings a boutique-like sophistication to our work. That work is backed by resources rivaling that of much larger firms, including the support of a strong strategic planning team, top talent in media planning and buying, public relations and social media marketing. The work is not only award-winning, but holistic, integrated and time and cost efficient.



San Diego, CA

We're a full stack digital product firm. We build best-in-class user experiences with solid, scalable tech. First, we dig into the business model, user needs, and the people driving the business. With this perspective, we integrate technology solutions with process and adoption in mind, rather than bolting on hacky fixes.

Real Estate Marketing

Roni Hicks

San Diego, CA

We are Roni Hicks, a 100% employee-owned agency of communicators, strategists, and creators with 40 years’ experience spanning every category of real estate development marketing. We get our clients’ ideas off the ground and transform them into vibrant, vital communities across North America—places where people want to live, work, play and grow. Our passion for placemaking guides us—quite literally from bare soil to successfully sold out.

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