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Setting Up Two-factor Authentication

For that extra step of security, set up two-factor authentication. This article will show a user how to enable two-factor authentication on their account.

Two-factor authentication make Zesty.io safer for your business. We highly recommend you and your team uses two-factor authentication to logging in. In this guide we will walk you through a few simple steps to get two-factor enabled for your user login.

  1. Log into Zesty.io
  2. Open your account settings (Click the dropdown arrow beside your profile to see the list of options)
  3. Look for the 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) card (under Security)
    Enable 2FA -sm
  4. Enter your phone number and click Enable Two Factor Authentication

Note: If this is your first time using the Authy 2FA app, you will receive a text message with a link to download & install Authy

  • Download and install Authy via SMS link
  • After downloading, enter the same email and phone number into the Authy app that you use for Zesty.io.

Download Authy app -sm

  1. After enabling 2FA, Logout

  2. Log back in to Zesty.io

  3. From the 2FA screen do one of the following:

    • Open the Authy app and enter the Zesty.io token into the 2FA field.
    • Use Authy One-Touch notification and click Approve

    Authy Token -sm

  4. Your 2FA setup is now complete.

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