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Metrics and Dashboards about Google Analytics which is integrated with Zesty.io



In Zesty.io, comprehensive reporting and analytics tools are readily available to empower users with valuable insights into their content performance. This document provides an overview of the reporting capabilities offered by Zesty.io, highlighting their benefits and functionality.

Reports Available in English:


Zesty.io supports reporting in English, ensuring accessibility and clarity for users. This language compatibility allows marketers to easily navigate and understand the metrics and insights provided by the platform.

Integration with Google Analytics:


Zesty.io seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, augmenting its reporting capabilities. Through this integration, users gain access to valuable data and dashboards that enable data-driven decision-making.

Performance Analysis:


One of the primary functions of Zesty.io's reporting tools is to facilitate performance analysis. Marketers can delve into the metrics provided by Google Analytics and gauge the effectiveness of their content. This data-driven approach empowers users to optimize their content and campaigns for better results.

Version-Based Performance Insights:


Zesty.io takes performance analysis a step further by correlating GA4 (Google Analytics 4) data with specific versions of published content. This correlation enables marketers to identify which content versions performed most effectively. Armed with this knowledge, they can tailor their content and marketing strategies to maximize conversions, enhance customer loyalty, and foster business growth.

#Instance Activities Allows users to track user activities to the specific resource in the instance & can generate downloadable reports

Per-Page Analytics:


In addition to holistic performance analysis, Zesty.io offers per-page analytics. This feature allows users to monitor and assess the performance of individual pages. This granularity ensures that marketers can identify and address specific areas for improvement within their website or content.

Providing Feedback and Reporting Bugs:


Zesty.io values user feedback and actively encourages users to report any issues or provide feedback through the platform itself. Alternatively, users can visit the Zesty.io GitHub page to report bugs or suggest enhancements. This commitment to user feedback demonstrates Zesty.io's dedication to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

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